Wireless RV Security Camera Systems: Is Solar Powered Security Without Wi-Fi An Option?

Reolink Solar 4MP 4G wireless Security camera Go Plus

RV security camera systems are a necessity. It is imperative to secure your RV at all times from people that could wreak havoc on your vacation, camping, or hiking plans, especially in remote locations. What types of cameras can help you with that?

Why Use RV Security Cameras?

Security in days gone by could involve a dog, but nowadays, there are far better ways to ensure the safety and security of your persons and properties. 

The best option is to use security cameras and alarm systems. Not only will an RV security camera system give you peace of mind while camping at remote locations, but it will also provide security for your RV and properties inside the vehicle, even during the off-season.

There are multiple options that people can choose from options, such as RV security cameras connected to power sources or those that are solar powered with a battery backup. Another choice could involve RV cameras that are Wi-Fi enabled versus those that can function without being connected to a Wi-Fi system.

There is a wide range of prices among popular models – prices can range from as low as $12 to $500. The technology embedded in the security camera system (e.g., does it cover most of the features typically coveted by RV owners for remote use, or do you have to buy and rely on multiple accessories?) dictates the price, so the consideration boils down to value for money and the utility gained from the system.

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Some General Features to be Considered

Some features that both home and RV owners may look for in their cameras include:

  • Ease of installation – Cameras with magnetic bases may be preferred in this regard since drilling holes before installation will not be necessary.
  • Security – Check out features such as night vision (extremely important given many break-ins occur at night) and how many entry points you cover with accessories (e.g. door and window alarms). You can invest in an RV security system with a panic button to alert local law enforcement in the event of a break-in.
  • Other features such as GPS Locators and monitoring systems (e.g. getting alerts on mobile or computer).

The choice of a solar-powered system has some specific benefits, as we discuss below.

Solar Powered RV Security Camera Systems

The main reason solar-powered RV security cameras are preferred by outdoor adventurers is straightforward. They do not depend on regular electricity but rather on solar energy with a battery backup. So, when you go off-grid or boondock, solar-powered security cameras are an obvious choice. There are other benefits, including:

  • Ease of installation
  • Harder to detect and disable 
  • Not dependent on power being cut off elsewhere during a burglary

In general, features that may be important include:

  • Ability to work for extended hours, with adequate battery power when the sun is absent
  • Weather resistance
  • Vandal-proof mounts and the ability to mount the camera and accessories (if any) away from easy access
  • An efficient and sensitive movement detector
  • Infrared or Starlight vision
  • Compatibility with either a Wi-Fi system or with 3G/4G capability (that lets it use your wireless data plan and does not require Wi-Fi)
  • An SD memory card

Combined with the ones mentioned under the “General Features” section, these features should give you a good idea about what you should look for and consider as providing good value for money.

Can RV Security Cameras Work without Wi-Fi?

The answer is “yes.” While Wi-Fi enablement is quite common among RV security camera systems, there are some excellent choices that we will discuss in the next section.

The main thing to realize is that without Wi-Fi, the security camera may need certain accessories. For example, analog or HD wireless cameras installed at home utilize a coaxial cable to run data to a DVR or use a CCTV system.

These options will typically not work in a remote RV security camera system. As a result, you will need IP cameras that could have installed SD cards for storage and piggyback off of a 3G or 4G wireless data plan. You can get the best results with a fourth-generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) plan.

An RV Security Camera without Wi-Fi has several advantages:

There are a few disadvantages, the main ones being:

  • Access to cell signals – the SD card storage may kick in, but only if coaxial cables are also attached.
  • Price – IP security camera systems suitable for RV use are more expensive.

While this is true of several RV security cameras without Wi-Fi, we will discuss the solar-powered options, enabled for use without Wi-Fi, not bulky, and easy to install, as befits what an RV owner would look for.

Where Can I Get an RV Security Camera without Wi-Fi?

There are some suitable options on the market for RV security camera systems without Wi-Fi. In this section, we specifically focus on finding the right solar-powered camera without Wi-Fi. 

Some of the best solar-powered RV security camera systems sold in the US are those made by Reolink (the Reolink Go series). Two examples that receive rave reviews among users and industry guides are:

You can find additional information directly from Reolink here.

While each model has slightly different features, they all work exceptionally well as a solar-powered RV security camera system that will use Wi-Fi if available but does not need a Wi-Fi connection. We discuss some of the specific advantages of using Reolink below.

Why are Reolink Go RV Security Cameras Considered the Best?

Reolink is one of many brands (Arlo being another) that sell good solar-powered RV security camera systems that do not need Wi-Fi. Reviewing the three examples above (you can easily find others on Amazon), we find the following:

  • The security can be used with or without Wi-Fi, providing flexible solutions
  • They each offer options for cloud or SD card storage
  • Each has a PIR Motion Sensor.
  • Each provides enhanced night vision – which most industry reviewers rate as being the best in the business.
  • They are not bulky, easy to install, and can be mounted at a tough spot for burglars to reach and disable.
  • The 2-way talk feature is a bonus.
  • The prices are very reasonable.

The Final Word on RV Security Cameras without Wi-Fi

Not every RV security camera system will work without Wi-Fi. For RVs operating in remote locations, solar-powered security cameras without Wi-Fi could be critical. Reolink has half a dozen models available that provide an excellent combination of convenience, performance, and value. Check them out today!

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