Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots Review

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots

As an outdoor and RV enthusiast, I’m always looking for an affordable yet durable pair of hiking boots. Recently, I came across the Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots and quickly became intrigued by their sleek design and affordable price tag. These boots are available in three popular colorways, making matching them with my outdoor gear easy.

Nortiv8’s Armadillo 2 hiking boots boast a water-resistant feature that keeps my feet dry and comfortable during hikes. The upgraded padded tongue enhances comfort and effectively keeps water and dirt out.

If you’ve followed any of my content, you’ll know I appreciate outdoor gear quality and affordability. I can confidently say the Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 boots caught my attention for all the same reasons.

In the world of budget-friendly hiking boots, they stand out for their style and offer a trustworthy option for those seeking a reliable outdoor footwear companion.

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Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots: Design And Quality

Material Selection

The Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots are known for their quality and affordability. These boots are crafted with synthetic leather and suede leather in the upper part of the boots. This choice of materials ensures the boots are durable while providing a comfortable and breathable experience.

The soles of the Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots are made of rubber, which provides excellent grip on various terrains. Rubber soles are renowned for their durability; these boots are no exception. The selection of rubber for the sole offers both flexibility and support, allowing me to keep exploring the great outdoors without worrying about my footwear failing.

Rugged Protection

When camping with the family, I like to be confident in my hiking boots’ protection. The Armadillo 2 boots have additional rugged features, such as a rubber toe cap. The rubber toe cap shields my toes, providing extra protection from accidental impacts or obstacles on the trail.

These boots are also designed to be waterproof, ensuring my feet stay dry even in wet or muddy conditions. Combining synthetic leather and suede leather in the upper material adds extra resistance against water, making them an ideal choice for my hiking adventures.

The Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots offer a balanced combination of quality materials, rugged protection, and durability at an affordable price. The design and overall quality have impressed me, and I can confidently rely on these boots for my hiking trips.

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots: Comfort And Support

Shock Absorption and Cushion

In my experience, the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots provide impressive shock absorption and cushioning. The rubber sole and insole are designed to reduce impact on my feet during long hikes. I can walk comfortably on various terrains, whether rocky, muddy, or forest trails, and not worry about sudden impacts or harsh landings.

With every step, I feel my feet are well-protected from the ground, ensuring all-day comfort.

Ankle and Arch Support

Another essential aspect of any hiking boot is its ankle and arch support. In the case of the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2, I find that the ankle-high design offers exceptional support to my ankles, preventing them from twisting or rolling during those challenging trails. The padded collar and tongue contribute to the overall comfort and reduce potential friction or pressure points.

When it comes to arch support, I notice that these boots conform to my feet’ natural shape, providing the needed support for my arches. This is particularly helpful during long treks or carrying a heavy backpack, as it adds stability and comfort throughout the day.

In summary, the Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots offer comfort, shock absorption, and support for my ankles and arches. I am confident that these boots will continue to keep me comfortable and stable on various hiking adventures, allowing me to enjoy my outdoor experiences fully.

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots: Performance And Durability

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots

Waterproof Capabilities

I tried out the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots and found their impressive waterproof capabilities. The boots have a waterproof membrane and waterproof suede, ensuring that your feet remain dry while you’re trekking through wet conditions. The water-resistant properties of these boots prove their worth when you need to cross shallow streams or hike in the rain.

Breathability and Warmth

Regarding breathability, the Armadillo 2 boots provide a comfortable environment for your feet, even during long hikes. The materials used on the boots allow for sufficient airflow, keeping your feet from getting too sweaty. At the same time, they offer adequate warmth, which is essential when hiking in colder environments.

The combination of breathability and warmth demonstrates the performance and durability of these hiking boots.

While hiking in various terrains, I found that the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots have a reliable grip, thanks to their slip-resistant rubber outsole with Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) mentioned in this review. The boots also feel lightweight, making it easier to cover longer distances without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

The Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots meet the expectations of a hiker looking for a balance of performance, durability, waterproofing, breathability, and warmth, regardless of the hiking conditions.

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots: Size And Fit

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots

Sizing Guide

When it comes to the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots, I found the sizing to be quite accurate. For example, as a size 12, the boots fit me comfortably without any issues. However, it’s always a good idea to consult the size chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure the right fit for your feet. Proper sizing allows you to avoid discomfort and potential issues during your hiking adventures.

Prevention of Blisters

Blisters can be a severe concern for hikers, but fortunately, the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots are designed with the prevention of blisters in mind. Here are some key aspects of these boots that help reduce the risk:

  • Proper fit: As mentioned earlier, having the right size prevents blisters. Make sure to follow the size chart and account for any potential swelling that might occur during a long hike.
  • Breathable materials: These hiking boots are made with breathable materials that help regulate the temperature inside the boot and keep your feet dry. Sweaty feet can lead to blisters, so having a boot that allows for proper air circulation is important.
  • Socks: The socks you wear also play a crucial role in blister prevention. I personally recommend moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and reduce friction between your feet and the boot.

By considering the factors above, the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots provide a comfortable and blister-free experience for hikers. Remember to always give yourself some time to break in the boots before heading out on a long hike to ensure the best fit and comfort for your feet.

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots: Value For Money

When it comes to finding a pair of budget-friendly hiking boots, Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 has made quite an impression. I was initially drawn to these boots due to their affordable price. Pricing can change, so check the current price on Amazon here.

As someone constantly searching for the best value in outdoor gear, I was curious to see if these boots could deliver on performance without breaking the bank.

What I appreciate about the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots is their blend of durability and comfort at such a low price. One of the key aspects I look for in hiking boots is their ability to withstand a variety of terrains and climates. The Armadillo 2’s upgraded durability and protection make them a solid choice for anyone on a budget. Additionally, customers have praised the boots for their comfortable fit and roomy toe box Amazon Review.

While the price range varies slightly depending on size, these boots remain a reasonable option for cost-conscious hikers. Moreover, their stylish suede design in three colorways makes them an attractive option for hikers focused on both performance and appearance.

In my experience, finding both affordability and quality in the same pair of hiking boots can be a challenging task. However, the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots prove that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Their low price, coupled with reliable durability and comfort, make them a top pick for any hiker seeking the most value for their money.

Nortiv8 Armadillo 2 Hiking Boots: Customer Feedback

Reviews From Amazon

I always find it helpful to look at customer reviews on Amazon to determine the overall quality and comfort of hiking boots. The Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 has received numerous positive reviews from users. Many customers highlighted the boot’s durability, comfort, and affordability.

While examining Amazon customer reviews, I came across a few concerns regarding the sizing of the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots. Some users found the sizing to be a bit off, so it’s essential to keep this in mind when making a purchase to ensure a proper fit.

Nortiv8 Customer Support

Customer support is another significant aspect to consider when purchasing hiking boots. Nortiv 8 provides efficient customer service to address any concerns or inquiries their customers may have.

It’s important to remember that my primary focus is to provide a neutral and clear overview of the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots. By considering customer feedback from Amazon and my own experience, I believe these boots are an affordable and quality option for any hiking enthusiast.


In my experience with the Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 hiking boots, I can confidently say that they uphold a strong commitment to quality. The robust construction and thoughtful design combine premium full-grain leather and abrasion-resistant mesh, achieving a balance between durability and breathability.

As an avid RVer and hiker, I appreciate finding affordable options that don’t compromise on quality. These boots have proven to be a pleasant surprise. They’re suitable for cool to colder weather and provide excellent value for the price.

The Nortiv 8 Armadillo 2 boots are not only durable and practical but also waterproof and lightweight. For anyone seeking a reliable and economical choice for hiking footwear, I can vouch for the Nortiv 8 hiking boots and their performance on the trails.

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