Are Heated Vest and Jackets Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know Before Buying One.

Are Heated Vest and Jackets Worth It?

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People who want to stay warm in the coldest of temperatures are turning to heated jackets and vests to make their outdoor activities more comfortable. These outer clothing options are turning up the heat in sales as temperatures drop in the fall. 

Heated jackets or a heated vest can be used whether you are camping, doing outdoor chores, skiing, hunting, or enjoying football in an outdoor stadium. 

The fact they are as stylish as warm is another reason for their rising popularity. These types of outwear come in many styles for a variety of purposes. Some motorcycle jackets keep you warm on the road, while others are styled for hiking and camping

Heated apparel doesn’t stop with outerwear. There are an array of heated items on the market, from socks to hats. 

Getting a heated vest is far more advanced today than a few decades ago when hot water bottles and hot potatoes were used. They are comfortable, stylish, and practical.

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My Top Picks

Looking at recommendations from those who use these types of products regularly can help you make your final choice of buying a heated vest, jacket, or other heated apparel. One of the brands consistently on the top pick list is Venustas Heated Apparel

The Vensustas Heated Men’s Jacket lands as a top-reviewed item because of its mylar lining that helps utilize heath, four heat zones, and a battery pack that gives you 10 hours of warmth. It also comes with a charger, waterproof zippers, and a waterproof travel bag for those on the go.

The Traverse 2.0 heated jacket for women from Venustas Heated Apparel also warms critics’ hearts with its 7.4-volt battery that lasts up to 10 hours. Its battery can also be used to charge devices and as a flashlight. It has three heating levels, a battery charger, and a travel bag. 

Venustas Heated Apparel also has a Unisex Heated Hoodie that makes outdoor life much easier. Its battery is only 5 volts, but it lasts up to 12 hours and can also be used as a charging device. It has the mylar lining, a charger, and a water-resistant travel bag.

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Are Heated Vest and Jackets Worth It?
Here is me fly fishing with a Venustas Heated Vest.

How Heated Jackets and Vests Generate Warmth

The system behind these outerwear items is relatively simple but ingenious. The jackets and vests have heating coils built into the item. The coils are heated by battery packs that work even in extremely cold temperatures.

These warming elements are placed in specific areas that correspond to your body regions that help keep your core temperature warm. That means they are usually placed in the chest and back areas. 

Keeping your core body temperature warm helps your entire body feel like it’s warmer. 
Heated jackets and vests aren’t the only things in this category that are on the market. There are also heated gloves to keep your hands warm. 

Aren’t Heated Jackets or Vests Bulky and Heavy?

No, most batteries in this type of clothing are lithium-ion, making them durable, long-lasting, and compact. Most are so small they can fit into a pocket, so you won’t really notice them. Belt clips are also available for certain jacket brans to carry batteries, so they don’t weigh you down. 

How to Find a Quality Heated Vest or Jacket

Look for gear that has quality batteries. Some will have up to 20-volt batteries, and some have replacement batteries that are easier to find and others. The run life of a fully charged battery for either heated jackets or a heated vest is eight hours, although you can make it last longer by adjusting the heat setting.

Adjustable Heat

You don’t always need the most heat. Sometimes you just want a gentle bit of warmth to offset a chilly morning. Heated jackets and vests with adjustable heat are a perfect way to carry you through the day as the temperature changes.

Look for How Batteries Recharge

Some heated gear has built-in battery charges where you can charge two jackets or vests at once. One of the best features of a heated jacket is the ability to charge your phone while you are carrying it, even if your jacket isn’t heated at the moment. 

In fact, you can use some jackets to recharge any type of electronics, from tablets to laptops. For those outdoor enthusiasts who need to upload videos or stay in touch with friends, this type of heated apparel is the perfect option.

Look at the Material

Polyester is the primary material used in a heated vest or jacket. Polyester is a good choice for this type of apparel because of its water resistance, durability, and functionality. 

While some don’t like the idea of synthetic material, polyester has advantages as it dries fast, is breathable, and makes for an excellent insulator. Insulation is a must for outdoor heated apparel because the better insulated you are, the less you have to layer. 

Look at the Extras

Some brands have little extras that make their product just a bit nicer. Things like heated pockets, a removable hood, and a separate pocket for your phone or a pen could make a big difference in how much you love it.

Washing Your Heated Vest or Jacket

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Washing heated jackets and vests are easy. Just remove the battery pack and wash on the regular cycle. However, do not put the apparel in the dryer. Instead, hang them up to dry. 

Keeping Warm and Looking Cool

Today’s heated apparel doesn’t take style for granted. Many are fitted, and all come in colors that make them attractive. From work jackets to parkas, there are several varieties for anyone to choose a style that suits them.

A form-fitting jacket or vest may be the right choice for someone living in a milder climate. There are also heated fleece jackets on the market for someone that wants something light but comfortable.

There are also jackets with hoods and designed for extremely cold climates or tough hiking. Today’s market has so many choices that you may need to look around to find the style that fits your needs.

Are Heated Vest and Jackets Worth It?

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Heated Jacket FAQs

Are Heated Jackets Safe?

This is a common and understandable concern. Heated jackets and other similar apparel are entirely safe. Waterproof membranes are in all of them, so you will not get a shock. They also have safety features built into the product, so coils will never be so hot they’re dangerous.

It is always best to stick with a recognized brand to make sure you buy a safe product. Be sure to look at the tags and product information for any instructions or safety information before you buy.

Are Heated Vest and Jackets Worth It?

It depends on how much time you spend outside, especially in the colder months. Those who stay outdoors a lot working, hiking, cycling, or doing other sports, will find heated jackets and vests to be an excellent investment. It is one sure way to keep you comfortable during all those activities.

How Warm Does A Heated Jacket Get?

It depends on the battery voltage. How hot a heated vest or jacket becomes also depends on the adjustable setting. It can go from 100 degrees Fahrenheit up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While you may not want to go up to the highest setting, it’s good to know it can go up that high to offset extremely cold temperatures. Those types of heated jackets are the right choice for outdoor activities in colder than average climates.

What Other Type Of Heated Apparel Is There?

Tons of heated apparel is on the market, from heated gloves to socks and even shoe insoles. There are also heated folding camping chairs, heated scarves, hats, and heated slippers.

Do Heated Vests Really Work?

Yes, a heated vest works well and is similar to heated jackets. There are heated zones on the front and back that have coils that heat your core regions. A heated vest also has the advantage of leaving you free to move your arms full range during outdoor activities without hindrance.

Are Heated Jackets Safe in The Rain?

The vast majority of heated jackets and all heated outdoor gear are waterproof, so they are perfectly safe in the rain. They also do well in snow. The only advice is not to dunk them in water with the battery pack inserted or the coil packs on.

How Long Does It Take For A Heated Jacket To Warm Up?

For most major brands, heated jackets or vests will warm up in just five minutes. You can adjust the warmth setting at any time.


Investing in heated apparel is a great idea if you plan on spending time outdoors over the winter. They can be used for warmth, charging your phone, and even other electronic items, so heated jackets or a heated vest can make the outdoors feel safer and much more comfortable.

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