What Is The Best Heated Jacket for Camping or Hunting? A Venustas Heated Apparel Review

What Is The Best Heated Jacket for Camping or Hunting? A Venustas Heated Apparel Review

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You’re often exposed to the element when you’re campings, and being cold can make a fun trip utter misery. The solution to this is heated gear, which will keep you cozy even when you’re tired out. We’re going to look at the best-heated jackets today and which you might want to use when hunting or camping.

Venustas has produced some excellent options when it comes to hunting and camping, with lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable apparel that will keep you warm whatever you’re doing – even if you have to keep still for hours at a time to avoid spooking animals.

Why Choose Heated Apparel?

You might be wondering what the point of heated apparel is and when you might need it. The answer is that there are plenty of instances in which heated apparel can make your life pleasanter, and you should certainly consider purchasing some if you spend any significant period outdoors and you’re sensitive to the cold.

What Is The Best Venustas Heated Jacket For Camping?

So, what are the best-heated jacket camping options?

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When you’re camping, you want something that you can throw on over the top of everything else you’re wearing. A Venustas battery-heated jacket is likely to be your best choice here. You can buy a three-in-one option (female version) (male version) with a detachable hood, a fleece lining, and a waterproof outer shell.

The hood is great if you’re putting a tent up in the wind or working outside to get a cooked breakfast going, so this is well worth considering.

If you prefer down, they also sell a puffy, lightweight heated jacket (female version) (male version), also with a waterproof shell. This uses duck down (so is not suitable for vegans), making it very warm and breathable. The hood is not detachable on this version, but the jacket is very light, making it ideal if you need to carry it for camping, so it’s still a good option.

Either of these jackets would work well while camping, or you could choose a Venustas battery heated vest (female version) (male version), which might suit you better if you already have a warm coat that you choose to wear for camping.

If you tend to get chilled when you’re sitting around a campfire, you may find that the vest is more comfortable, but many campers will benefit from the hooded heated jackets that you can wear on top of other clothes.

What Is The Best Heated Jacket For Hunting?

Warmth becomes even more critical if you have to sit still and keep quiet at points, as movement generates a lot of heat – and you can’t always move when you’re hunting. A heated jacket is a great way to stave off the chill, but what kind should you buy?

Again, this will depend a bit on your habits and approach, but you may find that a heated vest serves you better for hunting, as it traps the heat close to your body. 

This high neck heated vest (female version) (male version) is ideal for keeping you really warm because it comes right up to your throat and has heating elements in the collar. If you are sitting still for long periods while hunting, this should keep you warmer and prevent the heat from escaping.

The vest may also give you a better range of movement and reduced noise, as you don’t have your arms covered, and you can choose what clothing to pair it with. If you need increased camouflage, you can wear something on top of this reasonably comfortably.

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You might prefer a jacket, in which case either the three in one of the down jackets may suit you, but be aware that these might prove more cumbersome and possibly heavier, giving you less range of movement.

What Is The Best Heated Jacket for Camping or Hunting? A Venustas Heated Apparel Review
Here is me fly fishing with a Venustas Heated Vest. It was awesome!


Let’s look at a few common questions that come with these jackets, so you know whether one will work well for you and your needs.

How Do You Use A Venustas Heated Jacket?

You can use a Venustas heated jacket by putting it on over your other clothing. You may not want to wear too much thermal clothing underneath it, as this will block some of the heat from reaching your body, making the jacket less effective.

Instead, wear some light but reasonably warm clothes beneath, and make sure that you plan carefully for how long the jacket lasts. If you are going to need it beyond its advertised battery life, you should have a backup plan and thermal clothing to put on so you won’t get chilled when it is no longer providing heat.

To use the jacket, make sure it is charged up, and then put it on. Simply press the button on the chest of the jacket, and the warmth will start.

The jackets have different temperature settings (low, medium, and high), and you can swap between them by pressing the button once for each setting. So, your first click will turn the jacket onto low, the second onto medium, and the third onto high.

Remember that the temperature setting you use will affect the battery life of the jacket, so take this into account when getting yourself set up and comfortable. If you need the jacket to last longer and have no means of charging it in the meantime, it’s a good idea to use a low heat setting.

You will find you are still nice and warm, but your jacket should last longer and keep you cozy throughout.

How Does Venustas Heated Apparel Work?

The apparel works by cycling heat through the inbuilt carbon fiber heating elements, which are built-in panels into the jacket or vest. Many jackets and vests have three panels that cover the back and one for either side of the jacket’s front. As they are zip-up items, they require a split front panel for even heat distribution.

The warmth from these panels then helps raise your blood temperature, keeping you warm and cozy through long shifts, lengthy hunts, or camping trips. While the carbon fiber heating elements are on, they keep generating heat for your body.

Even after they have been switched off, you should stay reasonably warm; the clothing tends to be built to insulate the heat, trapping it (and your own body heat) inside so that you stay snug for as long as possible.

How Do You Wash A Venustas Heated Jacket?

Obviously, you will sometimes need to wash your jacket, especially after a muddy camping trip or a long hunt. A quick wipe down with a damp, soapy cloth may sometimes suffice, but often, you’ll need a bit more than that.

It is very important to wash them with care, so you don’t ruin their heating ability. Firstly, remove the battery pack from the zipper pocket, and disconnect it. Set this aside in a safe place.

Push the connection point back into the jacket pocket and then zip the pocket closed. The jacket is now ready to wash. Follow the directions about temperature and what washing products to use to avoid damaging the jacket.

Can You Dry A Venustas Heated Jacket?

Yes, these jackets are dryer-safe. Again, make sure that the battery pack is not present. Use a low heat unless otherwise directed by the information accompanying your jacket (as individual products may vary in terms of their care).

Don’t put the battery pack in the dryer with your clothing; this will likely destroy it and could be dangerous in some circumstances.

You might prefer to dry your jacket more slowly to be safe. Place it near (but not on) a source of warmth such as a radiator, with the arms spread out to the sides so that they aren’t touching the main body of the jacket.

This will increase the airflow and encourage the moisture to evaporate quickly. Drying your jacket like this couldn’t be simpler. Depending on how close the jacket is to the source of heat, you may still wish to remove the battery pack to be safe.

How Do You Turn On A Venustas Heated Vest?

As with the Venustas heated jacket, all you have to do to activate your vest is click on the button on your chest. A small circle will light up when the vest is active.

You can click it another two times to cycle through the heat settings, just as you can with the jacket. A fourth click will turn it off. If your vest isn’t working as it should contact the manufacturer. Turning it on should be straightforward.


Venustas’ heated apparel can make outdoor adventures so much more comfortable, especially if you’re someone who really feels the cold. Whether you choose a jacket or a vest, having that extra heat generated by the device will make a big difference to the enjoyment you get out of your trip.

Practical, washable, and very warm, Venustas jackets are an excellent choice for the outdoor adventurer, and if you struggle with cold nights or chilly days, they are perfect for you.

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