ewool PRO+ Heated Vest Review: Is This Heated Vest Right for You?

ewool PRO+ Heated Vest Review

The ewool PRO+ is one of the most impressive heated vests on the market. This vest can keep you warm throughout any activity with its slim fit, high heating power, and extended battery life. Whether you want some extra heat for your car ride or you seek more comfort when spending time outdoors, the wool PRO+ is a comfortable solution.

Keep reading as I explore the specifications that make this vest great and features I loved, and some areas that the vest falls short.

ewool PRO+ Specifications

The ewool PRO+ is designed in Canada, and it boasts features such as:

  • 52W of heating power
  • 3 seconds of warming time
  • 14 hours of heat (with double battery kit
  • Front, back,neck, and lumbar heating elements
  • 70W flat battery
  • Included DV adapter
  • IP67 waterproof rating

With these specific features, the ewool PRO+ is one of the best slim-fit heated vests on the market. It has 20 percent more heating power than the regular ewool PRO, but boasts 7x the power of competitors.

Beyond this, these features benefit from an expert design that keeps the ewool PRO+ comfortable and practical. I’ve found that I still enjoy wearing the vest, even when I don’t need the heat.


The ewool PRO+ has a sturdy zipper on the front, and I appreciate that it moves easily with little effort. The zipper on the upper pocket also moves smoothly, allowing me to use the pocket without frustration.

The heated vest has elastics on the side to fit your unique body shape. I have faith that these elastics will not wear out with time, and they work well to keep the heating elements close to your skin to enhance the warmth.

At the bottom left of the best is a control button that lets you check the charge level and control the level of heat. This is easy to access, and you do not need to dig in the vest’s pockets to adjust the temperature.

The battery fits easily in the zippered battery pocket on the back of the vest, and there is enough room to accommodate a double battery kit if you need longer heating times.

The heating elements included on the front, back, neck, and lumbar of the vest ensure you are as warm as possible and prevent hot spots that can magnify the biting cold.

What I Like About the ewool PRO+

Anytime I boast about the ewool PRO+, I always mention:

  • How comfortable the slim fit is
  • How well constructed the vest is
  • The powerful heating elements
  • How long the heat lasts

It may not be the perfect heating vest out there, but this is one of the top choices if you want comfortable heat when camping, hiking, and fishing. Even winter activities like skiing and snowmobiling are enhanced by the warming power of the ewool PRO+.

Comfortable Slim Fit

Elastic bands are tricky on clothing. If they are fit properly, it can be difficult for the material to fit different body types. If they are not of good quality, the elastic seems to wear out after just a few uses.

The elastic bands on the ewool PRO+ are expertly designed and utilize high-quality materials. Not only does the vest fit snug to my body, but the elastic is just as strong as it was the first time I wore it.

I really appreciate this elastic design because it keeps the materials close to your body, making effective use of the heating the vest produces. I like that I can wear it over a t-shirt and under a jacket without the layers feeling bulky.

This also makes it an excellent choice for layering under snowsuits that are already at peak bulkiness.

Quality Construction

While there are plenty of low-cost heated vests, I’ve found that many of them feature sub-par quality. The heating elements are not very strong, or the zippers stick and make it impossible to close the vest.

I cannot think up a complaint about the ewool PRO+ related to quality. The heating elements are powerful, but the vest material is enough to protect your skin from the heat. The zippers glide smoothly, and I haven’t had any issues with battery connections.

The seams of the ewool PRO+ hold strong, and I expect the fabric to last through years of use, even if you take it along for extreme activities.

Powerful Heating

There are plenty of numbers surrounding the heating power of the ewool PRO+, including:

  • 52W of heating power
  • 3 seconds of warming time
  • 14 hours of heat

Many heated vests fail to provide the warmth necessary for extended outside use, but the ewool PRO+ delivers. I can instantly get the warmth I need, making this an excellent choice for temperamental weather‌.

The heating elements are placed well, so you don’t really have any cold spots when using this vest. The full coverage is great for recreational activities or more intense winter sports. You can focus more on the task at hand than the biting cold.

All Day Energy

The single 70W battery is great for daily use, but the battery pocket can accommodate a double battery pack capable of 14 uninterrupted hours of warmth.

You can also connect to a 12V DC socket for endless warmth while riding around. Motorcycle drivers should be happy to hear this and anyone with an adapter on hand.

Where the ewool PRO+ Falls Short

It was difficult to pin down some areas where the ewool PRO+ falls short, but there are a few things to consider before making your final decisions.

Some of the gray areas surrounding the ewool PRO+ include the location of the battery and the lack of a heated hood. These wouldn’t change my mind, but they are notable.

Battery Pack Can be Uncomfortable

I believe that the back pocket location of the battery pack is one of the best places for it, but I still notice it when sitting with my back against a hard surface.

This is more of a problem when I have to take a seat inside somewhere, and it hasn’t been an issue with soft-backed seats like those in a car. The discomfort is also minimal compared to the heating benefits offered by the vest.

Lacks a Heated Hood

Some competitors have a heated hood attached to the vest, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested.

The addition of a heated hood would increase the overall comfort of the vest and limit the layers I need to put on before heading out on a cold day. While I appreciate the heated neck, I would prefer a full hood.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide to invest in a heated garment, check out this article to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

Overall, the ewool PRO+ is one of the best-heated vests available. The design meets the claims, and you can purchase the vest with complete faith in its comfort and power.

Whether you need something to keep you warm on your daily commute or something powerful enough to battle the elements, the ewool PRO+ is a cozy and versatile choice.

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