Best Propane Generator For Your RV: Read This Before You Buy!

Best Propane Generator For Your RV

If you will comfortably (and confidently) run all of the modern amenities today’s RVs pack inside, you need to make sure you have a backup generator close at hand.

There’s nothing worse than killing your RV batteries while miles from “civilization” – something you’ll never have to worry about with the best propane generator for RV options on the market today. These generators give you on-demand power on the go, the ability to fully juice your batteries away from traditional power sources, and so much more.

With so many different generator options available for sale these days, finding the right one for your needs (and your budget) can feel like an uphill battle.

That’s why we built this detailed guide.

Why a Propane Generator?

As we mentioned a moment ago, there is no shortage of generator options available on the market right now – including a whole host of generators specifically designed to act as backup power for your RV.

Why choose a propane generator versus a diesel or gasoline-powered unit, a solar-powered unit, or something else entirely?

For a couple of different reasons.

To kick things off, liquid propane has a far superior shelf life to diesel and gasoline – so much so that you can count on your propane remaining “shelf-stable” years and years past when you are diesel or gasoline would have expired.

That alone means that you can stock up on liquid propane when you buy your generator, square it away in your RV and basically forget about it until you actually need it – and not suffer any ill consequences.

Secondly, propane-powered RV generators are about as reliable as they come in.

Capable of producing about 90% of the power that gas and diesel generators can produce, these generators are often quieter, more reliable over the long haul, easier to maintain, and a lot less dirty and a lot less noisy.

Propane generators just make sense!

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How to Pick the Best Propane Generator for RVs

Of course, just settling on a propane generator isn’t enough to help you find the top options on the market right now.

You have to know what to look for in this kind of generator technology before you can make a confident purchase.

Power Needs

For starters, you need to think about your power needs and whether or not your new propane generator will be able to accommodate them.

As a general rule of thumb, a propane generator capable of putting out 2500 W will get the job done in most RV applications. Any more powerful than that can quickly become overkill, but any less powerful than that should be avoided.

Built-In or Portable?

The next thing you’ll need to decide is whether or not you want your propane generator to be a built-in unit that takes up dedicated floor space in your RV or a portable system that can be moved into and out of your RV as necessary.

“Hardwired” options are pretty convenient to use but will steal space in RVs that could have been used in different ways. Portable options give you a lot more flexibility and freedom but can get annoying to move around, secure, and stow.

Noise Level

The amount of noise that your generator puts out might not seem like that big a deal at first glance, but you’ll soon learn how important it is to find as quiet a generator as possible.

Nobody (including your camping neighbors) wants to be woken up by a noisy generator in the middle of the night, especially if it only kicks on and then kicks off to provide a bit of backup power in a pinch.

Ease of Use

Finally, usually for something simple and straightforward to use.

You should never have to worry about fighting your propane generator just to give you the juice you need when you need it most.

Our Best Propane Generator for RV Picks

Cummins Onan 2500 Watt LP Vapor Generator

Many RV owners consider it the gold standard of propane generators; it’s hard to find fault with this top-tier option.

Pumping out 2500 W of clean, consistent, and reliable power-on-demand – the microprocessor control system in this unit makes it a dream to leverage without a lot of training and without a lot of experience.

On top of that, this brand has a near-legendary reputation for bulletproof durability. It’s not uncommon for RV owners to take this generator out of RVs and put it in a new one when these vehicles “give up the ghost.”

There are many 20-plus-year-old Cummins Onan generators like this one still rocking and rolling!

Pulsar Portable Propane-Powered RV Generator

Another exceptional propane-powered generator, this one offers a little less power than the Cummins Onan highlighted above – but it’s a lot more portable and a lot more affordable.

Weighing only 44 pounds, you’re not going to have to worry about this thing adding a lot of drag to your RV and forcing you to chew through more fuel. On top of that, popping this portable system out of your RV and using it anywhere else around the camp (or even sharing it with your neighbors) is a breeze.

One of the coolest features of this generator is that it can be hooked up to almost any size propane tank and leverage all the fuel those bottles have to offer. You can run this off a 20-pound tank, a 120-gallon tank, and everything in between!

Champion 3,800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Generator

We recommend this propane and gasoline option because of the versatility that dual-fuel capabilities bring to the mix.

Propane generators on their own are super-efficient and reliable, but it’s nice to have the ability to run your generator off of a second fuel, especially in emergency situations.

Having the ability to bounce between traditional gasoline and liquid propane when necessary gives you a lot more resiliency.

Best of all, you don’t lose a lot of energy production depending on the fuel source that you’re using. You can expect to get between 3800 W and 4700 W when using gasoline and 3400 W and 4200 W when using propane.

Not bad, right?

Closing Thoughts

Having a dedicated backup generator using liquid propane as a fuel source guarantees you never to worry about your RV batteries running dry.

You’ll be able to charge on the go, “jump” your RV batteries when necessary, and provide a little bit of extra juice around the camp or when you are running energy-hungry and don’t want to run your primary batteries, too low.

Check out the options we highlighted above to find the best propane generator for RV campers today!

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