Read Before You Buy! How to Find the Best Scooter for RV Camping.

Best Scooter for RV Camping

Today’s scooters are nothing like they used to be, even just 20 years ago.

More powerful, more efficient, more reliable, and safer than ever before, the best scooter for RV camping is a significant lifestyle upgrade. These compact little vehicles are a game-changer for everyone, giving you a lot more mobility away from the RV than you would have otherwise; these compact little vehicles are a game-changer for everyone!

However, tracking down the best scooter for RV camping can feel like a bit of a challenge.

Use the info below to find the right option with a lot less headache and a lot less frustration.

Benefits of Having a Sooter in Your RV

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of finding the best scooter for RV camping, it’s important to highlight a couple of the advantages and benefits the scooters offer.

For one thing, quality scooters (powered scooters) allow you to zip around an RV campsite – and even down into town – without moving your RV.

That alone is reason enough to invest in one!

Secondly, these scooters are about as fuel and energy-efficient as possible. You won’t be spending a mountain of money on extra fuel or power to keep your RV camping scooter ready to rock and roll.

Finally, RV camping scooters – the best options (like the ones we highlight below) – are almost foolishly compact and portable.

Many of them can stow away inside your RV or be attached to the outside without any real extra effort whatsoever.

That means you’ll always have them when you need them. Talk about convenience!

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How to Pick the Right Scooter

Of course, finding the right scooter for your needs is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Choose the right scooter, and you’ll be over the moon with the utility and convenience that it offers.

Choose the wrong scooter, though, and you’ll be dealing with nothing more than endless frustration and stress.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Ease of Use

It would help if you looked for a scooter that is as simple and as straightforward to operate as humanly possible to kick things off.

The easier a scooter is to use, the safer it is to use, and the more convenient it is for anyone at the RV campsite to jump on and utilize.

More complex and more challenging to use scooters will be of limited use, especially if you are traveling around or visiting folks who might want to take the scooter for a spin.

Effective Range

You don’t need interstate range from your RV campers scooter, but you don’t want to feel like you have to fuel or charge up every time you leave your camp.

Look for something that has all day (and then some) range – hopefully giving you at least a couple of days worth of utility out of each fuel tank or battery charge.

Much of this will be influenced by how often you use your scooter, the kind of terrain you cover, and how much range you have to cover in your scooter.

Just shoot for something that offers at least 10 to 12 miles, and you should be pretty happy.


Portability – and storability – are two huge pieces of the puzzle when looking to invest in an RV camping scooter.

A scooter with great portability allows you to move and maneuver it anywhere and everywhere. A scooter with great storability means that it can fold up and pack away nearly anywhere in your RV without becoming an issue.

Power Plant

Some people will want a scooter that runs on a gasoline motor, giving them a little more independence without having to worry about power source availability.

Other folks will be over the moon with electric-powered scooters that are quieter, just as zippy but have to be powered up more frequently.

This comes down to personal choice.


Finally, you’ll want to think about how much money you’re willing to spend on your RV camping scooter.

Expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars on a top option, which you can reliably use for years to come, and maybe even a little more than that.

Sure, you could go cheaper – but you’ll inevitably cut corners to cut costs, and you’ll likely be pretty unhappy with the results.

It’s worth saving up to get your hands on a top option.

Our Best Scooter for RV Camping Picks

Razor EcoSMART Metro Electric Scooter

If extreme portability is important – to the degree where you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of extra utility – it’s tough to beat this electric RV camping scooter.

Weighing slightly over 65 pounds, this scooter is capable of some pretty impressive top speeds (close to 16 miles an hour) with 12-mile range thanks to its lithium-ion battery power plants.

The oversized wheels on this scooter allow it to tackle off-road journeys and urban streets without ever breaking a sweat.

GoTRAX G4 Electric Scooter

If you’re looking to bump up your effective range a little bit – more than double that range, even – you might want to look a little closer at this RV camping scooter.

About the same size (but even a little bit lighter), you’ll be able to squeeze 25 miles of range on a single charge out of this scooter system. It uses an almost identical 350 W lithium-ion powered motor to deliver top speeds close to 20 mph.

You might not want to take this off-road so much, though. It’s built for zipping around RV parks or local towns and cities.

Segway NineBot Max Electric Scooter

RV campers that want seriously extreme range out of their electric scooter need to look into this Segway option.

Pioneers in the electric scooter world, this fantastic piece of engineering can deliver top-end speeds of up to 20 mph over a range of 40 plus miles – and then recharge with lightning-like speed to get you back up and rolling in no time at all.

It is highly portable (something that can be stowed away inside your RV almost anywhere). It is easy to use, easy to operate, and incredibly safe for scooter users of all ages.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s scooter technology is above and beyond anything we could have imagined even just 20 years ago.

You’ll be flooded with options when hunting down the best scooter for RV camping, to be sure, but with the help of all the info above (and our three top recommendations), you should have an easier time zeroing in on a scooter right for you.

Good luck going forward!

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