Are Lance Travel Trailers Any Good?

Lance Travel Trailer

When I was looking for the right travel trailer for my family, I conducted hundreds, if not thousands of hours of research to find what I wanted. Then recently, I heard of Lance Travel Trailers.

Lance never came up in my research, and I started wondering if Lance’s travel trailers are any good. I did some more research, and here is what I found.

Lance travel trailers are excellent. In fact, they are so good, they have been winning awards every year since 2012. Here is the list:

  • RV Pro Best of Show 2020
  • RV Business Top Debut 2019
  • Trailer Life’s Readers Choice Awards: Gold 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, & 2012

The awards that Lance has won are not the only reason they are good campers. My research turned up these other great reasons as well.

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Lance Travel Trailers Use High-Quality Materials

Lance uses high-end products in their travel trailers (and their truck campers). They use Azdel in all their travel trailers and campers.  Azdel is substantially better than wood and weighs about half. Therefore it keeps the weight of the travel trailer lower.

Additionally, Azdel doesn’t grow mold or mildew. Azdel has a better R-value, so it provides better temperature and humidity control.

Also, the Lance travel trailer interior is constructed from Lite-Ply. Lite-ply is ultra-light plywood, and it is strong, light, and great looking.

Lance even has a unique roof rack for extra gear that you may not want to store inside, as well as the In Command smart RV technology that allows you to control many RV functions from your smartphone. 

If you’re in the market for a travel trailer, you should consider a Lance, but there are some items you need to consider to understand their quality.

About Lance Campers

Lance has been making high-quality truck campers since 1965. In 2009, Lance jumped into the travel trailer market, and put its stamp on the industry right away.

The secret is that Lance’s company philosophy is Quality Comes First. You can see that in the materials and components that the company uses. Fiberglass and traditional plywood can delaminate with just the littlest amount of water. That’s why Lance used Azdel and other high-quality construction materials. 

From their 141,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing site in California, Lance’s travel trailers have taken the industry by storm.

In addition to the high quality, Lance is also environmentally friendly. For instance, their campus headquarters is populated with “smart buildings” that participate in metered heating and AC. They even use smart lighting and are proud of the fact that many of their materials are from renewable resources, like Lite-Ply.

Even their glues meet or exceed the nation’s most stringent environmental standards (California).

Lance Travel Trailer Models

Lance currently offers 12 trailer models. They are listed here with major stats, from smallest to largest. One significant advantage of the lightweight, quality construction of the Lance travel trailers is that they are all within the range of a properly equipped half-ton truck.

You’ll want max tow packages and a quality weight distribution hitch for the larger models.

Lance Travel TrailersLance 1475Lance 1575Lance 1685Lance 1985Lance 1995Lance 2075
Floor Length14’10”15’9”16’6”18’9”19’2”20’3”
Overall Length19’8”20’5”21’0”23’3”23’8”24’9”
Dry Weight2600 Lbs.2775 Lbs.3980 Lbs.4245 Lbs.4265 Lbs.4450 Lbs.
Hitch Dry Weight250 Lbs.245 Lbs.425 Lbs.550 Lbs.390 Lbs.440 Lbs.
Exterior Height9’10”9’10”10’1”10’2”10’2”10’2”
Axle Weight2350 Lbs.2530 Lbs.3555 Lbs.3695 Lbs.3875 Lbs.4010 Lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity1100 Lbs.925 Lbs.1520 Lbs.1955 Lbs.1925 Lbs.1750 Lbs.
GVWR3700 Lbs.3700 Lbs.5500 Lbs.6200 Lbs.6200 Lbs.6200 Lbs.
Tire sizeST205/75R14ST205/75R14ST205/75R15ST205/75R15ST205/75R15ST205/75R15
Fresh Tank26 Gal26 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal
Grey Tank26 Gal26 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal
Black Tank26 Gal26 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal
Refrigerator5 Cu. Ft.5 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.5 Cu. Ft.
Propane Tank1-5 Gal1-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal
Furnace BTU14.3M14.3M25M25M25M14.3M
Sleeping Capacity2/345444
Lance Travel TrailersLance 2185Lance 2285Lance 2295Lance 2375Lance 2445Lance 2465
Floor Length21’2”22’6”22’6”23’6”24’11”24’11”
Overall Length25’8”27’0”27’0”28’0”29’5”29’5”
Dry Weight4565 Lbs.4930 Lbs.4840 Lbs.5030 Lbs.5525 Lbs.5875 Lbs.
Hitch Dry Weight755 Lbs.635 Lbs.680 Lbs.600 Lbs.555 Lbs.665 Lbs.
Exterior Height10’2”10’2”10’2”10’2”10’4”10’4”
Axle Weight3810 Lbs.4295 Lbs.4160 Lbs.4430 Lbs.4970 Lbs.5210 Lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity2435 Lbs.2070 Lbs.2160 Lbs.1970 Lbs.2075 Lbs.1925Lbs.
GVWR7000 Lbs.7000 Lbs.7000 Lbs.7000 Lbs.7600 Lbs.7800 Lbs.
Tire sizeST205/75R15ST205/75R15ST205/75R15ST205/75R15ST205/75R15ST225/75R15E
Fresh Tank45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal
Grey Tank45 Gal2/45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal2/45 Gal45 Gal
Black Tank45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal
Refrigerator7 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.6 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.7 Cu. Ft.
Propane Tank2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal
Furnace BTU25M25M25M25M25M25M
Sleeping Capacity7-Jan4/644/585

Pros & Cons of Lance Trailers

Even though the Lance travel trailers are very good, not every travel trailer is right for every person. You need to consider the pros and cons to see if one of these is right for you.


  • Lance’s travel trailer quality is industry-leading. They use quality materials, and construction will last you a long time and let you enjoy your camper for years.
  • Lance offers a 2-year limited structural warranty. Most RVs only give you a year.
  • Lance’s travel trailers are easily towable by a well-equipped half-ton truck. That means you may not need to upgrade to a monster truck to go camping.
  • The wide selection of 12 different models means there is something for everyone.


  • These are not cheap trailers. There are much less expensive options on the market but at a lower quality.
  • Their distribution network is more limited than the larger brands. So access to their dealer network may be more difficult.
  • Given the cost, the Lance travel trailers will cost a little more to insure because they are pricy. You’re going to want to make sure they are fully insured.

In Summary

If you’re in the market for a travel trailer, make sure you consider a Lance travel trailer in your decision-making process. Don’t limit your research to Forrest River or Keystone.

Your final decision should depend on your specific needs and wants, but I think Lace travel trailers are a high-quality product that you can buy confidently.

If Lance travel trailers are not your thing, check out their line of Lance truck campers

If you have a Lance or are in the market for one, let me know down in the comments.

I hope this helps, and Happy Camping!

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