Our Story

People asked where Go Together Go Far came from. There’s a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Well, our twins, Archer and Addy, are growing so fast. We don’t want to wait for the perfect time to start spending time with them. We believed that if we decided on something we could do as a family, we would go far as a family. And if we waited, we would miss a lot of exciting times along the way. The best way to begin was just to jump in headfirst. So we bought a small travel trailer, named it The “Winnie,” and started camping. We never looked back.

As our adventures expanded, we found that people were curious about our trips.  So we decided to start sharing our journey on our YouTube Channel.  It has grown from there.  When Niki and I first started our RV life, we found ourselves turning to YouTube for most of our research.  YouTube was a great source of knowledge for things like RV tours and RV equipment reviews.  We even found some very helpful RV accessory must-haves, RV beginner tips, and reviews for campgrounds near me.  After we purchased our first RV, we kept returning to YouTube for all kinds of content.  Once we decided to start creating our content, YouTube was the first logical place.  

There are three YouTube videos that I particularly like.  They may not be my best performing, but they are special.  My wife Niki makes her first YouTube appearance in How To Keep Your RV Clean In 2020. The Blue Ox SwayPro video is one that I have had great feedback on. And finally, the last video, Camping Chairs, had the full participation of at least one of my twins (with fun bloopers). She’s a diva already.  Check them out.  If you enjoy them, check out our YouTube page.  Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!
So want to know about campgrounds near me, RV equipment reviews, or camping recommendations? You found the right place. Check out our blog! The Beckman family of four loves to explore, camp, and see just how far we can go together. Join us.