Lance Campers: What Makes Them So Different?

Lance Camper

Lots of RV manufacturers claim that their products are different from everyone else’s. When I heard about Lance Campers, a leading truck camper manufacturer here in the US, I wanted to find out for myself if their truck campers are that different than other manufactures. So I did some research, and here is what I found.

Lance Campers are very different than other campers. The quality of the materials Lance uses, Azdel, and Lite-Ply, for instance, is as good as it gets in the RV industry. They use an aluminum-framed superstructure for their truck campers, so the entire unit is very light and fits together just right.

Lance even offers a four-season package on their truck campers that is one of the best in the business. To back it all up, in addition to the standard 1-year warranty, Lance offers a limited two-year structural warranty automatically. 

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Lance Campers’ Quality Sets Them Apart

Lance Campers use a variety of high-quality products in the construction of their truck campers. For instance, Lance uses Azdel, which is substantially better than regular fiberglass or wood because, among its other advantages, Azdel is half the weight of wood. It is mold and mildew free, and it also provides better temperature and humidity control.

The Lance Camper interior is constructed from Lite-Ply, which is ultra-light plywood imported from Europe. It is durable, light, and great looking. 

Lance has a huge variety to pick from as well. They currently offer nine different truck camper models, including both short and long bed options.

Their smallest model, the Lance 650, is designed with the short bed half-ton truck in mind, and still offers great features like a tankless water heater and a one-piece PVC roof.

Demonstrating their range, Lance’s largest truck camper, the Lance 1172, features a double slide out and a dinette. In other words, this camper isn’t your old school truck camper.

However, if you’re considering buying a Lance Camper, there are some other items worth exploring to help you with your research.

About Lance And Their Unique Processes

Lance has been making high-quality truck campers since 1965. What is their secret to their success? Above all, Lance’s company philosophy is that Quality Comes First.

You can see that commitment to quality in the materials and components that the company uses. Fiberglass and traditional plywood can delaminate with just the littlest amount of water. Therefore Lance used Azdel.

Lance’s state of the art manufacturing site is located in California and is over 140,000 square feet. Lance is a market leader in taking feedback from its nationwide distributors and even directly from end consumers. It makes a big difference in the quality of their campers.

Lance has won Gold in Trailer Life’s Readers Choice Awards in the Truck Campers category eight years in a row! (2012 – 2019)

Lance also states on its website that the high-quality materials they use allow them to remove all Mercury and produce an eco-friendly and toxin-free RV. Just a little extra peace of mind.

Unique Lance Campers Models

Lance offers nine truck camper models. They are listed here with major stats, from smallest to largest.

Lance 650

  • Truck Type: Short Bed
  • Floor Length: 6’10”
  • Dry Weight: 1700 lbs
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Base Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $35,418

You don’t need an F-350 dually for the Lance 650. It has been designed with the half-ton truck in mind. The Lance 650 has a refrigerator, full wet bathroom, sink, and stovetop. It even has an option for a power awning for the exterior. It has a ton of optional features to suit your needs. 

Lance 825

  • Truck Type: Short Bed
  • Floor Length: 8’6”
  • Dry Weight: 1837 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4/5
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $36,176

The Lance 825 is one of their most popular models. In addition to the well-designed interior, the Lance 825 has a queen-sized bed! This model is a little bigger than the Lance 650, so the Lance 850 can sleep 4 to 5 people. 

Lance 850

  • Truck Type: Short/Long Bed
  • Floor Length: 8’11”
  • Dry Weight:2501 lbs
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $44,853

This Lance model, the 850, requires a ¾ ton truck like an F-250/2500 or larger. It is still flexible enough for both short and long-bed versions though. 

Lance 855s

  • Truck Type: Short Bed
  • Floor Length:8’11”
  • Dry Weight: 2997 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4/5
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $51,335

The other Lance campers stand out from the competition. However, the Lance 855s leaves competitors in the dust. This model is not only designed for short bed trucks, but it also features a slideout for the four-person dinette. You read that right; this truck camper has a slideout with a four-person dinette. Amazing.

Lance 865

  • Truck Type: Short Bed
  • Floor Length: 8’7”
  • Dry Weight: 2012 lbs
  • Sleeps: 5
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): 36,649

This Lance 865 model has many of the features of the larger truck campers. It has a residential queen-sized bed, a U dinette, and has an option for a high output range with an oven. Very nice!

Lance 975

  • Truck Type: Long Bed
  • Floor Length: 10’4”
  • Dry Weight: 3499 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $58,305

This is the Lance model for the camper who wants all the amenities. The Lance 975 has a full dry bath and a full Super Slide! It even has options for power awnings and solar panels. This Lance truck camper puts the competition to shame. 

Lance 995

  • Truck Type: Long Bed 
  • Floor Length: 9’11”
  • Dry Weight: 3354 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $54,430

Similar to the last model, the Lancer 995 is packed full of high-end features. This model comes with an all-new TV entertainment center with blue-tooth audio. How’s that for a truck camper?

Lance 1062

  • Truck Type: Long Bed
  • Floor Length: 10’11”
  • Dry Weight: 3613 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $63,551

This model is impressive. The Lance 1062 has double slides, one with a four-person dinette and a full dry bath. It has a queen-sized bed, TV entertainment center, and option oven.

Lance 1172

  • Truck Type: Long Bed
  • Floor Length: 11’11”
  • Dry Weight: 4174 lbs
  • Sleeps: 5/6
  • Interior Style: Driftwood
  • Approx. MSRP (depending on options): $66,996

This is the Lance Truck Camper flagship model. The Lance 1172 boasts double slideouts, giant windows, and even a skylight. This model also won the RV News Annual Best Of Show! You need to check it out.

If you’re not sure what model Lance Camper will fit your truck, click here to view their truck compatibility guide. 

Pros and Cons of Lance Campers

Lance Campers Pros

  • The Lance Camper quality is hard to beat. The quality materials and construction will last a long time and let you enjoy your camper for years.
  • Lance offers a 2-year limited structural warranty. Most RV only give you a year. 
  • The whole line of Lance Truck Campers are full-featured and includes everything from full bathrooms and black tank flushes, to queen-sized beds and double slides. 
  • Their small footprint means you’ll have easier access to an ever-shrinking supply of campsites.

Lance Campers Cons

  • You’ll need a truck big enough for the truck camper. You have a similar issue with travel trailers.
  • Large families will have limited space in a truck camper. They may be better suited to couples or small families. 
  • They are not cheap. There are much less expensive options on the market but at a lower quality. 
  • Their distribution network is more limited than larger brands. So access to their dealer network may be more difficult. 
  • Like all RVs, you’re going to want to make sure they are fully insured. Given their cost, the Lance Campers will cost a little more to insure.

In Conclusion: Lance Campers Are Just Different

In conclusion, Lance Campers or Lance Truck Campers are premium campers.

Firstly, I think their quality puts them among some of the best in the industry like Airstream and Winnebago.

Secondly, their selection of floorplans allows them to meet the needs of most people interested in a truck camper.

There is no debate that they are pricey, but they are with the money. Finally, the high-end construction materials mean that the Lance camper will hold up for many years to come.

If Lance Truck Campers are not your thing, check out their line of Lance Travel Trailers

If you have a Lance Camper or are in the market for one, let me know down in the comments.

I hope this helps, and Happy Camping!

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