How to Secure a Microwave in an RV? 6 Effective Ways and Tips!

How to Secure a Microwave in an RV

If you love to travel and life on the road is life for you, then you probably own an RV. Nothing is more convenient for RV living than reheating meals in a microwave. With all the road time, do you know how to secure a microwave in an RV if necessary?

There are several simple methods to securing your microwave in an RV. You can attach the appliance to the wall with metal wall mounts or store it in a cabinet to prevent it from falling and breaking during transit.

In this article, we will detail how you can secure your microwave in your RV, including wall mount rods and open or closed cabinets. Additionally, we will provide tips on what special tools you may need to secure your microwave, what factors you may have to consider, and the best place in your RV to connect your microwave.

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How Do You Use Wall Mount Rods to Secure a Microwave in an RV?

You can use microwave wall mount brackets specifically designed to secure your microwave within your RV. These are simple L-shaped metal brackets with metal screws. Once you’ve selected the proper place to mount the microwave, screw the wall side of the bracket into the wall.

Place your microwave on top of the brace by screwing it into the appropriate place on the bottom of the microwave. Microwaves designed explicitly for RVs should come with or have built-in metal plates meant to use as spots to secure the appliance. Never put a hole in the microwave; you could damage or break the appliance or start a fire.

Make sure to get the proper type of wall mounts that can hold the weight of a microwave. If you buy brackets that are too flimsy, they will not be able to secure your appliance. Look for brackets that are rated to hold heavier objects.

Can You Securely Keep an RV Microwave in an Open Cabinet?

It may not seem like a good idea, but securing an RV microwave in an open cabinet is possible. Several methods ensure the microwave doesn’t slide out while traveling.

After you put the microwave in the cabinet, you can install special trim that will act as a catch for your microwave and stop it from sliding onto the floor. This trim is designed for RV microwaves, attaches easily and securely to the RV cabinet, and allows enough clearance for the microwave door to open.

If you want to go another route, you can install cabinet handles on the bottom of the cabinet right in front of the microwave. This will also stop the microwave from sliding out but may not allow you to open the door fully. Measure ahead of time and cut the handles down if you need to.

A third option is using nylon straps or plumber’s tape to secure it around the side so it doesn’t move in transit. Try a closed cabinet if you feel unsafe about having your microwave in an open cabinet.

How Do You Secure a Microwave in a Closed Cabinet in an RV?

If you install your RV microwave in a closed cabinet, there is more security for keeping it in place while driving. However, you should take a few preventive measures to ensure that the microwave is genuinely secure.

Always make sure to keep the microwave in a cabinet that has a locking mechanism. Most RV cabinets have such security features so that the contents of the cabinets do not fall out while you are traveling. However, if you specially install a closed cabinet in your RV for a microwave, it may not have the same feature.

If your cabinet doesn’t already lock, you can guarantee its security by installing a simple childproof lock on the outside. These are designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of toddlers in a destructive mode, so they should be able to manage a few speed bumps and potholes on the road.

Also, within a closed cabinet, if there is any wiggle room for your microwave, you may find that it slides back and forth during transit. To stop this from happening, place a rubber mat underneath the appliance, and it will stay in place. This is also helpful for microwaves stored in open cabinets.

Do You Need Any Special Tools to Secure a Microwave in an RV?

The tools required to secure your RV microwave are no different from the ones in your regular toolbox. You don’t need any specialized tools to install your RV microwave. There is specialized hardware for securing microwaves in RVs to help you with your project, but you also don’t need to use these.

You can construct a secure microwave spot using hardware found at any local hardware or home improvement store. Most RVs that are already outfitted to have microwaves installed in them may come with the necessary equipment to secure the microwave.

If you have any questions about what to use or where to find it, you can contact your local RV dealership, and they should be happy to point you in the right direction.

What Are the Important Factors to Consider When Securing a Microwave in an RV?

When securing and installing a microwave in your RV, you want to keep essential variables in mind. One of the most significant factors to consider is safety.

Microwaves can be a fire hazard, but they don’t have to be. When using equipment to secure your microwave, make sure it is not flammable and install it properly on the microwave and in the RV.

Microwaves need proper ventilation. If your RV already has a microwave setup, it may have a cabinet designed to give adequate airflow around the appliance. If you are installing a microwave cabinet yourself, consult an expert on where to drill ventilation holes for the microwave.

Never block ventilation holes with your securing hardware. If you are drilling into your RV wall to secure your microwave, ensure it is at a spot that will not interfere with electrical wires or the integrity of the wall.

One more handy piece of advice when securing your microwave is to ensure the glass plate inside is not damaged during transit. Wrap it in a towel or bubble wrap before making your journey, or secure it with the rest of your dishes. This way, you won’t open your microwave and find a mess of broken glass.

Where Is the Best Place to Secure Your Microwave in an RV?

The best place to secure your RV microwave is within the kitchen area of the RV. Some RVs may not come with microwaves but still be built with future microwave installation. Securing your microwave over the stove range or beside the counter on the wall is usually the best place.

Look for spots in the RV where an outlet is installed purposely to accommodate the power needed for a microwave. Usually, these are conveniently placed near a cabinet or open space large enough for a microwave. If this is the case, the adjacent wall should be secure sufficient to install the security measure for the microwave.

Suppose you are unsure where to put your microwave, or there doesn’t look like a specifically manufactured space for it. In that case, you may utilize an existing cabinet if you give the microwave proper ventilation.

When in doubt, contact an RV representative or someone who has previously installed and secured a microwave in their RV. They should be able to give you some pointers and valuable tips on what to avoid doing when securing your microwave.


If you love hitting the open road in your RV and want to ensure you have everything you need, follow these simple tips for securing your microwave, and you can eat microwave dinners and leftovers to your heart’s content.

Secure your microwave in the open with wall brackets, or use a rubber mat underneath the unit to store it in a cabinet equipped with trim. To keep the microwave from sliding, use a rubber mat underneath the unit. Always use hardware and equipment that is not flammable so you don’t create a fire hazard.

You don’t need special tools to secure your microwave; most RVs are equipped with places to install and secure your microwave. If you have any questions or doubts about your microwave securing methods, you can always contact an RV dealership, and they can help ensure you are doing it correctly.

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