Elegear Camping Air Mattress Review

Elegear Camping Air Mattress Review

Do you like camping and spending time in the great outdoors? This new Elegear Camping Air Mattress may need to make its way onto your wish list. 

Whether you are spending a weekend with the family or trekking through the wilderness alone, this sleeping pad is a must-have. The Elegear Camping Air Mattress is light, durable, and self-inflating. Gaining 4.8/5 stars on Amazon.com, this sleeping pad is one of the best on the market.  

Keep reading for a complete review of the Elegear Air Mattress. 

What Is Elegear?

The founders of Elegear created the company to provide inexpensive but quality outdoor gear. They aim to make camping and adventuring available to a wider variety of people. Further, Elegear products are designed for rigorous backpackers and campers but can be used by beginners. 

What’s So Special About the Elegear Camping Air Mattress?

The Elegear Camping Air Mattress is a 2-person self-inflating sleeping pad intended to enhance your camping trip. The sleeping pad is light, durable, and easy to store when not in use. Here are some things that make the Elegear Camping Air Mattress one of the best on the market. 

Elegear Camping Air Mattress Specs

Thickness (When Inflated)For the most comfort, warmth, and support, inflate to 2.2” thickness.
Inflated Size 24.8” x 77.5” x 2.4”, inflates to a full-sized bed
Inflation Speed45 seconds to 1 minute using a built-in pump
Compacted Size5.1” x 10.23”
Material40D nylon + Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Weight1.65 pounds (750g)
Available ColorsBlue
Other NotesWaterproof comes with a patch kit and storage bag, which can hold up to 661 pounds. 

Elegear Camping Air Mattress Is Self-Inflating 

Forget using a bulky air pump or blowing up the air mattress by mouth; this sleeping pad has a built-in foot pump for easy inflation. To inflate, stomp on the built-in air pump at the bottom of the sleeping pad for 45 seconds to 1 minute, and you’ll have the optimal camping air mattress. 

Inflating this sleeping mat is a breeze. The built-in pump makes it simple to inflate the mattress in less than a minute. It’s quick and easy to do in the car, in a tent, or on the ground. Using your foot is the easiest way to inflate, but you can also use your hand. The one-way valve ensures it will not deflate while you are sleeping.

There is a latch at the foot of the Elegear Camping Air Mattress that makes for simple deflation. This sleeping pad even has clips to help you roll it up during inflation.  

Elegear Camping Air Mattress Is Light but Durable 

The Elegear Camping Air Mattress is made with 40D Nylon and Thermoplastic Polyurethane material that is more durable and tear-resistant than the average sleeping pad. The sleeping pad inflates to full bed size, and it is big enough for two people to share. 

The camping air mattress weighs only 45 ounces and can fit perfectly into a backpack or suitcase. You can throw it into your pack and go on whatever adventure you have planned without your sleeping gear weighing you down. 

Additionally, the nylon material is extremely substantial to the touch. When laid directly on the ground and moved around, the Elegear Camping Air Mattress won’t pick up debris or incur any damage. This sleeping bad is comparable to other expensive versions in durability.  

Elegear Camping Air Mattress Is Comfortable To Sleep On

Dubbed the best sleeping pad for side-sleepers, the Elegear Camping Air Mattress is thick but not too thick. It can hold up to 661 pounds and touts an innovative air-cell design to keep you warm all night long. The pad is also fairly long and can accommodate even the tallest of people. 

Compared to competitor sleeping pads, the Elegear model is significantly more comfortable, according to multiple Amazon reviews, but falls short when compared to higher-end sleeping pads. 

The built-in pillow contributes significantly to this sleeping pad’s comfort. Furthermore, the cushion is very long and expands to a relatively thick size, providing excellent comfort over other lightweight camping and hiking options.    

Elegear Camping Air Mattress Is Affordable

Compared to other alternatives, the Elegar sleeping pad is the best value for the cost. This air mattress has a lower price point than most competitors without seeming to sacrifice durability. 

Elegear Camping Air Mattress: Best Value On The Market

With one of the highest Amazon product ratings, this sleeping pad is one of the best deals out there. It’s highly recommended for those who like to camp on rough terrain or like to backpack to your destination. With incredible durability, and easy self-inflating pump, and a comfortable mattress, the Elegear sleeping pad is the best in its class.

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