Here Are The Best Built Travel Trailers: What You Need To Know

Best Built Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is an expensive purchase. When you splash your cash, you want to ensure that you are picking up something that will last you for years. However, with a whole host of travel trailers on the market, that is easier said than done.

We want to introduce you to some of the best-built travel trailers. We also want to give you a brief overview of the sorts of things you should be looking for before you part with your cash. This way, you are much more likely to own a travel trailer that can go the distance. 

What Is The Best Material For Travel Trailers?

Hands-down fiberglass. If you are looking for a well-constructed travel trailer, you will likely want to avoid anything made from aluminum. Don’t get us wrong. Aluminum does have its advantages, don’t get us wrong. However, travel trailers constructed from aluminum require a lot more maintenance.

For starters, aluminum travel trailers are easy to dent. Aluminum is a lightweight (and cheap) material, but it is exceedingly soft. Even the smallest of bumps can cause unsightly dents on your travel trailer. This isn’t an issue with fiberglass. You can break fiberglass. However, it isn’t easy. A slight knock isn’t going to be able to do it.

When it comes to waterproofing, aluminum is a metal. It rusts. Even with proper maintenance, that aluminum is eventually going to rust. If you live in an area with vast amounts of moisture in the air (or a whole lot of rain), then aluminum travel trailers won’t last all that long. Luckily, fiberglass is much more waterproof. It can’t rust. However, you will want to ensure that you purchase your travel trailer from a reputable manufacturer. This way, you can be sure that whatever you end up with has been appropriately treated. 

Other Things To Consider 

We always recommend that you look for travel trailers with a substantial warranty. Generally speaking, when a company gives a decent warranty on their products, it shows that they trust it. It means that they are confident that it isn’t just going to fall apart one day. If a company offers no warranty or a year or so, that product can probably be avoided.

You may also want to pay attention to how easy it is to get hold of spare parts for your travel trailer. Even if the travel trailer has been incredibly well-built, it will break. The mark of a good travel trailer is one where getting spare parts is easy. You can replace anything that violates and keep that travel trailer merrily chugging along. 

Pay attention to whether any brand-name products are used in the vehicle, e.g., branded cooking systems. This will give you an idea as to the quality too. Big brand names (most of the time) mean a high-quality travel trailer. 

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The Best-Built Travel Trailers

While we could give you specific models of travel trailers here, we won’t. Everybody has their requirements for travel trailers, both space and amenities. So, instead, we will go through the brands that are known for producing high-quality travel trailers. If you go through the range for each of these companies, we are pretty confident that you will end up with something that fits your needs and boasts a high-quality construction.


Coachmen are one of the leading travel trailer manufacturers for a reason. This is a company that knows how to build something that lasts. Many of the used travel trailers on the market are Coachmen, and they are just as brilliant as the day they were first constructed.

The Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite Travel Trailer has won awards for its build quality, a combination of aluminum and fiberglass. That combo seems to offer the best of both worlds. You get the lightness, but you also get the durability. 

Because this is a company that prides itself on ensuring that its products are constructed to the highest possible standards, you will always be able to enjoy a tremendously well-constructed interior, no matter which model you opt for.

Coachmen travel trailers also fit the criteria for spare parts. Since these travel trailers are so popular, being able to source spare parts is easy. On the off-chance that one of the parts inside of your Coachmen gives up, there will be companies out there that can help you.


Winnebago is another company that has achieved a reputation for producing quality products. Winnebago travel trailers are not cheap. However, you can be sure that if you pick up one of their models, you will end up with something that will give you years and years of use. Again, spare parts shouldn’t be too difficult to source for Winnebago models, even a decade or two down the line.

One model which seems to attract a lot of attention is the Winnebago Hike. This model has won several awards. It is on the smaller side of things (built for couples), but durability is a strong point here. For example, the Winnebago Hike has been designed for off-roading. Not for traversing large expanses of open land. We don’t think there is a single travel trailer designed for that. However, it is equipped with off-road tires and other features that can protect the travel trailer in conditions that other products wouldn’t be able to thrive.

The Winnebago Voyage has been designed for families for something a little bit bigger. This model offers a solid fiberglass exterior and a host of stability features added to the structure to ensure that it lasts for years.


Nearly all of the travel trailers in the Jayco range have been designed with solid fiberglass construction. You already know that this means that you have a very durable structure. One of their top models is the Jayco Jay Feather 2022. This model has been designed to the highest possible standards. You have that fiberglass construction, branded products inside the trailer, and a hefty warranty.

Going through the product specification for Jayco models won’t be long before you realize just how solid their products are. Almost every spec highlights the product’s durability, e.g., vacuum-laminated side walls, A-frame, and safety glass vehicles. These are products that have been built to last. 


Yes. Airstream campers have been made with an aluminum exterior. This is one of the reasons why Airstream travel trailers have such a distinctive look. However, don’t let that put you off. These are solid products, especially models such as the Airstream Flying Cloud

To give you an idea of the durability of some of these products, this is a company producing travel trailers for over 90-years. There are still some of their original models on the road. So, even though they have been constructed from aluminum sidings, they are built to last. They require very little in the way of maintenance too.

This probably isn’t going to be a camper that we would take into particularly muddy or off-road areas. However, for general road use, it is tremendous.

Lance Campers 

Lance Campers are among the only campers on the market that have been rated for 4-season use. This should give you an idea as to their build quality. On top of this, they come complete with a 2-year warranty for structure. Again, this demonstrates a tremendous sense of build quality here.

Early, we pointed out that aluminum travel trailers are not as robust as fiberglass trailers. However, you can put that to one side with Lance Campers. The frame is advertised as aluminum, but most models use fiberglass siding. Since these are campers designed for 4-seasons, you don’t have to worry about the wind and rain busting into your travel trailer. This means that you won’t have to be dealing with the rust, etc.

Everything that you find packed into these travel trailers will have been constructed from the highest quality materials. It doesn’t matter whether it is the cupboards, carpets, or toilets. If something isn’t robust, Lance doesn’t include it.

Final Word 

If you stick with some of the biggest RV manufacturers on the market, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding the best-built travel trailers. All companies produce solid models that you can expect to last for years. When possible, always try and pick up a travel trailer with a fiberglass exterior. However, you can make exceptions to that rule if you decide to go down the route of Airstream or Lance Campers; both make quality products.

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