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Is RV Rental For Me

Recently, there have been so many people interested in RV rentals. I wondered what typical RV rental prices are. So I did some research, and here is what I found.

RV rental prices will vary depending on factors like the RV rental type, RV quality, and seasonality. Typically, a towable, like a travel trailer or popup camper, can range from $75-$150 a night. Class C RVs can cost $150-$300 a night. Campervans or Class Bs cost $100-$300 a night. A Class A RV can cost $300-$700 a night to rent depending on its options.

Price isn’t the only item to consider when thinking about renting an RV. Your personal experience with RVs will be a factor. For example, Class A RVs can also be a challenge to drive for inexperienced RVers. There are other items you’ll want to consider if you’re considering renting an RV. 

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Are RV Rental Prices Cheaper Than A Hotel?

You may be wondering if it is cheaper to rent an RV vs. a hotel room for your trip.  First, I would argue these are not equivalent trips and may not be fair to compare. 

When renting an RV, the trip IS the destination. With RV rental, it is about the journey, not the destination.  Hotel rooms are about the destination. Let’s set that aside for the moment and compare costs.

So which is cheaper? The devil is in the details. For discussion, let’s assume you’re looking to spend $150 a night on your trip. At that price, you could rent a higher-end towable (assuming you already had a tow vehicle). For a hotel, $150 a night will be a comfortable hotel room, but not exactly a luxury suite.

There are some costs on top of that to consider as well. For instance, towing a trailer will have incremental fuel costs. Gas mileage can drop off significantly when towing, so this is something to keep in mind.

The extra fees don’t stop there. The campground or RV park you stay at will charge a fee too. Don’t forget RV cleaning, delivery, and rental insurance. A hotel room, on the other hand, will typically have extra taxes, parking, and additional fees that drive up the final cost too. Your transportation choice, flying vs. driving, to your hotel destination will not be free either. 

Given all the options and variables, I don’t think you can compare renting an RV to a hotel room. Your personal preferences will dictate the final cost. If you are having this debate for an upcoming trip, you should first decide what your vacation goal is.

For example, do you want to make the journey a significant part of your vacation, or do you want to get to your destination and enjoy yourself? There is no right answer; it just depends on your personal preferences.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV For 7 Days

In general, the longer you rent an RV, the lower your average cost per night is. RV owners who rent their RVs out, don’t want to be continually flipping and cleaning the RV every couple of days. It is a lot of extra work for them. As research, I looked at some travel trailers on Outdoorsy.com, one of the top peer-to-peer RV sharing companies.

I was able to find a beautiful 2019, 21-foot travel trailer that would be perfect for a family of four. The nightly cost was $112 per night, but the weekly price was only $651. That is a savings of $133 over the regular nightly rate. That means it doesn’t make a lot of sense to rent for six nights. Get the full week. 

Some additional research showed that this pricing discount for a full week is generally held for many other types of RVs. I think the real advantage of this type of pricing is that it makes it worth it to take a little longer to your destination.

If you can extend your trip a few days at the beginning and a few at the end to enjoy your journey, this makes the cost a little easier to absorb.  

How Much Does It Cost To Live In An RV Per Month

If the daily cost of RV rental decreases if you rent it longer, how much does it cost to live in an RV for a month? That same 2019, 21-foot travel trailer listed a monthly rate of $1932, roughly a daily rate of $65 a day. That’s not too bad.

If you were considering renting an RV for a month, you would also need to think if you were going to keep it stationary or take it on the road. That can significantly affect your cost as well.

Campground and RV parks often reduce the rental price if you are staying for a more extended period. In fact, many campgrounds offer seasonal rates that cover many months.

If you’re renting an RV for a month, if you are moving it every few days, you’re going to pay higher campground fees at each location. That may be fine if you’re looking to visit lots of places. If you’re looking to spend your money as efficiently as possible, more extended stays are better.

How Much Is The Cheapest RV

Maybe renting an RV isn’t for you, and you would be more satisfied with purchasing your very own. If you think you’ll use it for a few years, it may be cheaper in the long run. New RVs have a massage range in price.

The highest-end RV, or Class As, can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. That said, there are high-quality, new, small travel trailers for around $10,000. A well-maintained RV can last you 20 years or more so you can undoubtedly get your use out of it.

When you’re not using your new RV, maybe you can use a company like Outdoorsy.com to it out to another family who is facing the same RV rental vs. hotel decision.

RV Rental Prices Conclusion

RV rental prices can vary greatly. The answer is as varied as asking what a hotel room costs. That will depend on if you want the Four Seasons Suite or a Motel 8. Here are the things you should consider when you’re evaluating RV rental prices.

  • The RV rental price range will vary on the type of RV you’re looking to rent. Bigger RVs cost more.
  • Renting an RV may or may not be cheaper than a hotel room. You need to decide if your vacation is about the journey or the destination. Also, consider the extra cost like fuel and taxes in your comparison.
  • Renting an RV and campsite for a more extended duration is a more efficient spend at a daily level. A month is better than seven days. Seven days is better than one.
  • If you think you may repeatedly rent over a few years, consider buying. Small RVs are not that expensive if well maintained over their life. Used RVs are also an excellent option for most people.

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