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RV Portable Waste Tank: AKA The Honeywagon…

If that title excited you, you clearly don’t know what a honeywagon is…

Honeywagon is slang for a tank that is used to move waste, typically human waste. Still unclear? I’m talking about poop. And pee. It is an RV portable waste tank. This is the worst blog intro ever. I’m sorry. If it makes it better, check out the video here.

Links on this page are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you choose to make a purchase using these links, I will earn a tiny commission that comes at no cost to you but helps me keep providing the content I love to share. I recommend these products because I have found them to be helpful and useful, not because of any commissions I make.

RV Portable Waste Tank

Waste removal is a fact of life if you are into RVing. In fact, access to your own restroom may even be a primary factor in the decision to purchase your own RV. It was for us. Seriously, how much worse could it be from cleaning your toilet at home? Turns out, the answer is”a lot.” This year, there is also another challenge facing regular RVers.

In this season of social distancing, there has been an explosion of new RV and camper sales. Which means more people camping. That means more people than ever are having to dump their black tank for the first time. It also means that premium and full hookup sites are in short supply.

RV Portable Waste Tank Honeywagon

The Good Old Days (Last Year)

It used to be a little different. You may have been used to rolling into a campground, with no reservations, and still ending up with a full hookup site. I’m afraid those days are gone. Good luck even making a reservation for a site with sewer at this point.

So assuming you find a campsite, if you’re lucky, it will have water and electricity hookups. This means your RV is going to have to go a few days between black tank dumps. If you are moving your RV every few days, this may not be a big deal. If you’re moving once a week or longer, you are likely to fill your black tanks before you’re ready to move your RV. So unless you want to have to move your rig, get a “honeywagon”.

A honeywagon is a tank you can dump your waste tanks into. And a good size honeywagon will let you move waste without moving your rig. Most of our trips are short 2-3 day trips. We generally have no issues staying within our tank limits. What if we’re out west on BLM land, without any local place to dump. Now what?

In a few days, we’re heading back to this awesome campground, and will absolutely need an RV portable waste tank.

RV Portable Waste Tank

RV Portable Waste Tank Conclusion

A high-quality RV waste tank tote will expand your ability to camp for a longer duration. With it, you can book a week or longer without a need for a full hookup. This is the new normal for us. The advantage is that we now can access more possible campsites for longer trips. If you want to expand your RV options, look into picking one up. 

Just For Fun

What is your worst experience with your black tanks? Let me know in the comments below.

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