Red River Gorge Cabins: A Helpful Guide

Red River Gorge Guide

The Red River Gorge is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, this geological area features stunning natural features. You’ll find natural bridges, waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, and miles of trails to follow.

When you create plans to visit this National Natural Landmark, several lodging and accommodation options are available. Staying in a Red River Gorge cabin surpasses them all.

If you’d like to rent a cabin during your time here, this guide can take you through that process.

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List of Available Cabin Providers in the Red River Gorge

Several small business owners provide cabin rental opportunities for your stay in the Red River Gorge. You’ll find a wide range of styles available, from eco-friendly and rustic to massive structures with 12 bedrooms.

That means you’ll find something well-suited to your specific needs.

Each company has specific rental procedures to follow if you want to book a cabin for your stay. Contact each agency directly to determine their current rates, minimum stay requirements, and security deposit expectations.

1. Cliffview Cabin Rentals

This outfitter’s lodging and event space include everything you need for an adventure in the Red River Gorge. You’ll find the scenic views match with the modern convenience to give you the serene, peaceful setting required to relax.

This provider offers 11- and 12-bedroom cabins for large group outings. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, they have rustic rooms available to use at their lodge.

It’s the perfect option for businesses that want to host a corporate event. You can also book weddings at this resort venue.

Contact them at 1 (888) 596-0525 or visit their website for more information.

2. Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals

This outfitter offers over 70 cabins to rent that range from one-bedroom intimate settings to eight-bedroom masterpieces that sleep up to 32 people. You’ll enjoy incredible views of the gorge with the lakefront and cliff-line sites.

Many of the cabins offer fireplaces, hot tubs, and other modern amenities. Some are pet-friendly. Minimum stay requirements apply to almost every property in their portfolio, although two nights are considered standard policy.

The Sunrise Cabin may be their most unique. It offers visitors an expansive lawn, surrounded by trees, on six acres. It has an outdoor fire pit, grilling opportunities, and all of the conveniences of home.

Call them at 1 (844) 692-2246 or visit their website for more information and other rental opportunities.

3. Red River Gorgeous Cabin Rentals

Choose this lodging provider if you prefer something eco-conscious. You’ll find cabins, treehouses, and backcountry shelters available in some of the best locations offered at the Red River Gorge.

You’ll go through the Nada Tunnel to stay inside the geological area when choosing one of these cabins. Several pet-friendly properties are within their portfolio.

You can go off-grid and still get a cabin that provides full amenities for your stay. If you prefer something closer to nature, their unique treehouses are a fun and affordable way to explore this natural area.

This cabin provider has over two decades of experience providing safe lodging opportunities in the Red River Gorge. Each location is custom-built to focus on style and simplicity.

Their primary location is only 1/8-mile from the Martin’s Fork trailhead. You’ll also be a mile from the Red River. 

Dial 1 (606) 663-9824 or visit their website for more information on how to secure your cabin during your stay.

Eagle Point Overlook at Red River Gorge
Eagle Point Overlook Red River Gorge” by Karen Roussel. Used Under PDM 1.0

4. Red River Gorge Cabin Company

This family-owned business offers several cabins to make your stay in the Red River Gorge as fun as possible.

All of the cabins provide an off-the-grid experience, although you’ll still have access to modern amenities. If you stay at the Quiet Waters Cabins, you’ll have cable TV, hot tubs, and Internet access while being close to Mill Creek Lake and Natural Bridge State Park.

Contact them at 1 (859) 363-6091 or make your reservation online.

5. Red River Outdoors

Each cabin in this outfitter’s portfolio is privately-owned and maintained. You can stay in their Torrent Falls or Hemlock Trails locations, with six unique properties available to view.

Their A-Frame cabins are about one mile from the state park. Several vacation packages are available to take advantage of everything that Red River Gorge offers.

Call them at 1 (606) 663-7625 or visit their website for more information about this lodging opportunity. 

How to Book a Cabin at Red River Gorge

Most cabin providers have an online reservation system that lets you see what properties are available.

Since several outfitters and cabin providers operate at the Red River Gorge, you don’t need to plan several months in advance to secure your accommodations. Although options are limited without advance notice, you can usually find 3-4 choices available with less than seven days’ notice.

You’ll see pricing and minimum stay requirements for the listing immediately. If a cabin seems intriguing, click on the provider’s “View Rental” button or equivalent.

You’ll be taken to the primary listing page for the cabin that you wish to rent. A summary of the expected charges during your stay will appear, including any fees and taxes required with your payment.

Most providers have a calendar posted that shows you what dates are available for renting if your preferred cabin is unavailable for those with flexible travel windows.

If you’re satisfied with the property’s pictures, price, and location, click the “Book It Now” or equivalent button. You’ll be taken to the reservation window.

Sky Overlook at Red River Gorge
“Red River Gorge” by Cindy Stuntz. Used Under CC BY 4.0

Some providers include multiple reservation options when booking your cabin. Here are a few of the choices you may see.

  • An early check-in that lets you arrive up to two hours earlier than the posted time.
  • A late checkout that lets you stay up to two hours longer than the standard time.
  • Fresh linens and towels to use while staying at the cabin.
  • A wheelbarrow full of firewood to use the fire pit or fireplace on the property.

These options come at an additional charge.

You’ll need to confirm your arrival and departing date to proceed with the reservation. Some cabins have strict limits on the number of people, including children, who can stay.

If you have a promo code to enter, a field is available on some checkout screens. Enter your coupon there.

Once you’re satisfied, continue to enter your payment information and confirm your cabin. That’s all it takes to start enjoying everything available at the Red River Gorge!

Activities to Enjoy at Red River Gorge

You’ll discover over 60 miles of trails to explore during your visit to the Red River Gorge. They’re open only to hiking, which means you won’t have to worry about encountering cyclists. Some are designated for horseback riding. 

All of the trails are currently supervised and maintained by the Forest Service within the park.

Camping is a popular choice for those who don’t want to reserve a cabin. Backcountry camps are permitted with an overnight permit. You’re not allowed to be within 300 feet of a trail or road or within 100 feet of a cliff base. 

When visiting the Red River Gorge, be sure to make your way to Gray’s Arch. You can access the site by taking a four-mile trail to scramble up the back of this formation at your own risk.

The Gladie Visitor Center supports the national forest. It features interpretive exhibits about the history and geology of the region. If you need information about the area’s trails while staying here, maps and activity information are freely available.

Ziplining, climbing, and the Gorge Underground Adventure offers even more ways to have fun during your stay. 

Best Trails at Red River Gorge

Most of the trails in the Red River Gorge are marked as either easy or moderate. If you want something challenging, take the 3.5-mile Indian Staircase and Indian Arch trail for a fun adventure!

If you’re ready to discover some natural wonders, the best easy trails can take you to the Whittleton, Gray’s, Princess, and Half Moon Arches

Each hike is about two miles long, although the trail to Gray’s Arch is four miles.

You can also take the Natural Bridge and Laurel Ridge Trail for an easy three-mile hike to enjoy the area’s natural wonders.

When you want a moderate-level hike in the Red River Gorge, try the 5.6-mile unmarked trail that takes you to the Double Arch, Star Gap Arch, and Arch of Triumph. Another option is the hike that goes to Courthouse Rock and Auxier Ridge.

Are You Ready to Explore the Red River Gorge?

The Red River Gorge is one of America’s best outdoor destinations. You can enjoy some quiet moments in nature while staying in a comfortable cabin.

You’ll find properties all over the region. Some are within the geological area, while others are only a short drive away from your preferred destinations.

Use this guide to find the best cabin to fit your needs. Once your reservations are secured, you can look forward to having an incredible adventure!

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