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We’ve never been asked to be a special guest before, but tonight we got to be one!

Here’s How It Started

A few weeks ago, I decided I didn’t like the video trailer I had made for our YouTube Channel, “Go Together Go Far.” The current content I produce doesn’t align with what I had been providing when I filmed that original trailer. I originally planned to create fun camping videos with bloopers and kids. Things don’t go as planned.

In the time I have been filming content, the type of content I have been shooting was regularly changing. When I first started the channel, I had planned to film nothing but campground reviews and general campground shenanigans. That was in February of 2020. Then the Quarantine hit, and there was no way we were going camping. So I pivoted to equipment reviews I could do from home. It turned out I enjoy making those, and it gave me a great way to learn filming and video editing, which are skills I needed. RV and Camping Reviews

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Fast Forward

It is now June, and campgrounds in Ohio are starting to open back up. We had a short trip planned to a KOA (see that blog post here), and I knew I wanted to film a new trailer. I took inspiration from other Youtubers who have learned the art of B-Roll, slow motion, and background music. It seems like the right combination of those can elicit an emotional reaction that just isn’t possible in equipment reviews.

So I pieced together a script that condensed the discussions Niki, and I had about camping and got to filming. I thought the final product was at a different level than my usual equipment reviews. I was very proud of it and wanted to get it out as soon as possible. You can watch the final trailer here.Opens in a new tab.

Promoting The Content

When I release a new video, I want to get it in front of as many eyes as possible right away. I try to schedule the YouTube release at an ideal time, as well as schedule posts on social media. I also happen to post the links to the YouTube videos on select subreddits of RedditOpens in a new tab.. Turns out Keith and Indiana of Traveling Down the BannistersOpens in a new tab. noticed it.

Keith reached out and asked me to be a special guest on his weekly live stream. On their live stream, they sometimes have special guest RVers and YouTubers. I agreed right away! I was, and still am, genuinely appreciative that someone thought enough of that video to reach out. Thank you, Keith and Indiana.

Live In 3, 2, …

The live stream was tonight. I was legitimately nervous. I wasn’t worried about being on camera, as I am on Zoom calls every day at this point. It was nerves about the expectation of being someone’s special guest. It wasn’t a national TV spotlight with millions of viewers, but it was important enough for some people to give up some of their time to meet us and hear what we had to say. That’s awesome and humbling.

It went well; I hope it did anyway. I tried to make Keith and Indiana know that they make the right choice by asking us to be on their live stream. We made sure to log in early, quickly responded to emails, and even tried to light the set, so we showed up well on camera. Our viewing audience expanded; I hope theirs did as well. Maybe we’ll give our channels a few months to grow and check back in.

Overall, it was a valuable learning experience. I’ve never done a live stream. I also got to meet some awesome RVers and campers. Thanks, Keith and Indiana, and everyone on the live stream. You’re great people. We had a blast!

Everyone should check out their channel and live streams. They really are fun. If you like to check out the replay of the live stream we were on, you can catch it on their YouTube Channel.

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Get a FREE copy of the Go Together Go Far Travel Trailer Hookup and Disconnect Checklist when you sign up for the Go Together Go Far Newsletter!

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