Winton Woods Campground

Winton Woods Campground

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In the Cincinnati area, we are lucky to have plenty of well-run and maintained campgrounds. East of Cincinnati, there is East Fork State Park and Stonelick State Park. North of Cincinnati, there is Caesar Creek State Park Campground. To the south, there is Big Bone Lick State Historic Site.

Winton Woods Campground is located just north of Cincinnati, OH. Unlike many campgrounds, this isn’t a state or federal park. This campground is actually part of the Great Parks of Hamilton County and you can easily make Winton Woods Campground reservations online.

Great Parks of Hamilton County

The Great Parks of Hamilton County is made up of over 20 parks and recreation areas. Its mission is, “To preserve and protect natural resources and to provide outdoor recreation and education in order to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.” And they do a great job of it. As a lifelong resident of the Cincinnati area, I can tell you I’ve grown up in these parks all over the city. For instance, I have very distinct memories of playing at Woodland Mound as a kid. My kids play in the splash pad there (which didn’t exist when I was a kid.) I also recall fishing at Lake Isabella, which is a stocked pay fishing lake. This year, we’ll mark our second trip to the campground at Winton Woods.

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Winton Woods Campground Overview

The campground is about 20 minutes north of downtown Cincinnati. So it is very easy to get to. The campground consists of over 100 campsites, ranging from primitive tent sites to full hookups for large RVs. That doesn’t even count over a dozen cabins available for rent (Basic and Deluxe.) Check their campground map here. Winton Woods Campground offers other features you would expect from a high-quality campground. For example, they include a camp store with a cafe, washing and drying machines, playgrounds, dump stations, and WiFi access. Covid-19 social distancing rules may affect availability so call ahead if you need any of these.

  • Campground Address:
  • 651 Lakeview Drive 
  • Cincinnati, OH 45231
  • 513-851-2267
The Twins at Winton Woods Campground Overlook

Winton Woods Attractions

This Park isn’t just limited to a very nice campground. Winton Woods is one of the premier attractions for many family activities.

Parky’s Ark Wet Playground

Parky’s Ark Wet Playground is one of two spectacular splash pads offered by Great Parks of Hamilton County. The other is at Woodland Mound. This splash pad is a few dollars extra, but well worth it. It is just the thing to cool off on a hot day of camping. These may be closed because of Covid-19 for 2020, so therefore plan accordingly.

Fire ring at Winton Woods Campground

Parky’s Farm

Parky’s Farm is an education farm located at Winton Woods Park. It is over a hundred acres and has a petting and educational area for the kids. It is a great way to spend time with the kids.

Winton Woods Riding Center

This is one of the few parks in the Cincinnati area that offers a riding center. The Winton Woods Riding Center is a horseback riding center that operates year-round. They actually teach competitive horseback riding there. More casual trail rides are also available.

Campground Reservations

If you think you may want to try the campground, you can’t just pull up unexpectedly. Winton Woods Campground reservations are required and can be booked online here.

Winton Woods Reservation System


In conclusion, Winton Woods Campground is a great option if you’re looking to stay in campgrounds near me in the Cincinnati, OH area. This county park is clean and fun for the whole family. We try to stay once a year because we like it so much.

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