Best Emergency Food Supply: Nutrient Survival

Nutrient Survival Taste Testing

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What Is The Best Emergency Food Supply?

This year, 2020, has been like no other in my lifetime. That is probably the case for you too. For instance, have you been keeping a little extra water, food, and toilet paper in your basement? I thought so.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was always a little focused on emergency preparedness. I also extend my emergency preparedness to my RV travels. We have moderate water and emergency food storage options in our house. I’m not talking about full-on Zombie Apocalypse levels, but five to seven days of food and water doesn’t feel unreasonable. Heck, even the US government recommends a 72-hour kit. Given how 2020 has gone so far, a few days’ worths of emergency food storage is probably warranted.

So what is the best food supply? Well, fresh, local organic is probably your best option, but that won’t last more than a couple of days in a real emergency. If power is out, frozen food won’t last either.

I think your next best option is canning fresh vegetables and fruit. Preferably local and organic. We do this. We grow our own when possible, or purchase from farm CSAs when not. We typically have at least one season’s worth of vegetables from canning fresh ingredients.

Best Emergency Food Supply: Nutrient Survival

If canning fresh is not an option or something you want to do, then shelf-stable food is what you want. There are lots of options.

Emergency Food Companies

There are lots of options in emergency food supply companies. Some of the best well known are My Patriot Supply, Readywise, and Mountain House. I think all of these are quality products and may be a viable option for your needs. That said, there are some challenges with these products. Premium brand names and retail distribution can drive up the final retail cost to you. Additionally, they have had supply chain issues like many other companies during the coronavirus pandemic. Mountain House is out of stock and is notifying its website customers of low or out-of-stock issues.

Best Emergency Food Supply: Nutrient Survival

For my family, I want emergency food available now and I want it as nutrient-dense as possible. I like Nutrient Survival.

Best Emergency Food Supply: Nutrient Survival

Nutrient-Dense Survival Food

An essential factor in deciding on what you want to stock in your “preppers pantry” is nutritional value. Many long-term food storage products are just cheap, processed carbs. They may fill your belly, but they lack the nutritional value of the ideal options of fresh or canned food, which we prefer. That is one of the reasons I like Nutrient Survival. Not only do they produce some of the longest-lasting food for emergency food supply, but they also make it highly nutritious.

Shelf Stable Food

When you’re looking for long-term food storage, your best option is often #10 cans. If you’re not familiar with #10 cans, think of the giant cans your lunch lady used to use. This size is commonly used in survival food storage. Almost everything Nutrient Survival sells comes in #10 cans for food storage convenience.

Emergency Food Deals

So if you’re like me, and would prefer to be prepared just in case, now is a great time to enhance your emergency food supply and improve your basement preppers pantry. There are lots of options, but I suggest Nutrient Survival.

If you’re interested in other family preparedness we have done, check out our YouTube videos here.

I also recommend picking up these couple of items from Amazon to round out your basement stockpile. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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