Moutardier Campground at Nolin Lake

Moutardier Campsites

If you are near Kentucky and are looking for “campgrounds near me” then we’ve just found your next spot: Moutardier Campground. We found out about this COE campground in Kentucky and had to grab some friends to go check it out. It’s called Moutardier Campgrounds at Nolin Lake and wow – we could not believe the spectacular lake views their sites had to offer.

We think it is the best camping near Kentucky for families. You can see the YouTube video here. It’s unheard of for a lake in Kentucky to have views like this. Let’s delve deeper into what we can find at Moutardier Campgrounds.

Boating at Nolen Lake

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Moutardier Campground

Moutardier Campgrounds is a campground in Kentucky settled next to the 5,795-acre Nolin River Lake and surrounded by the rolling hills of the Kentucky landscape. Located about 3 1/2 hours south of Cincinnati and 2 hours west of Lexington, Kentucky, these campgrounds are easily accessible and conveniently located. It is also a short drive to visit Mammoth Cave National Park.

As soon as you see the scenic Nolin Lake, it is clear that the biggest draw to the campgrounds is the lake itself. Luckily, the campgrounds boast a number of waterside camping sites that facilitate family-friendly fun by the water.

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The Campsites

With 167 campsites, there is sure to be a site for every type of camper. Sites are well-maintained with great gravel pads and reliable electrical and water hookups. Many sites are waterside and allow you to simply walk onto the rocky shoreline and wade in the refreshing lake. If you aren’t into waterside camping, there are plenty of sites situated on the hills, though we found these sites seemed to be more designed for tents or small trailers.

A grounds crew is active throughout the day and keeps the grounds clean. There is a bathhouse with flush toilets and shower rooms that are impeccably clean compared to other campgrounds we have visited. While the bathhouse does not seem to have air conditioning, it seems to stay remarkably cool.

Nolin Lake Wildlife

Like a lot of campgrounds, Moutardier at Nolin Lake brings you close to nature. There are a few pesky raccoons and we encountered A LOT of turkey vultures. At one point there were several of them on top of our trailer!

Best Camping In Kentucky For Families

Plenty of fish in the lake to catch- we were able to catch bass, smallmouth, bluegill, and sunfish. According to, it is a popular spot for catfish and walleye as well, but we weren’t that lucky.

We heard that there are some decent trout in the lake as well. So if you were wondering, “Can you fly fish anywhere?” yes you can.

Nolin Lake Activities

We had a lot of fun at Moutardier and you can too – there is something for everyone. Accessing the lake from your waterside campsite is a breeze – we were able to wade out 10 to 15 feet and still be in waist-deep water. Great for safe, family-friendly fun in the form of fishing or swimming. Life vests really weren’t needed, but if you are nervous about your kids wading in the water, the campgrounds offer a great service where you can borrow life vests for free.

Moutardier Campground is the Best Camping Near Kentucky For Families

To amp up the fun, kayaks, canoes, and pontoon boats are available for rental. We were able to rent out a pontoon boat with a slide and park it right by our site. Our kids had SUCH a blast on the pontoon boat.

If you get bored of life on the water or that isn’t your thing, there are hiking trails that work their way up into the forest. One trail called Shady Creek Trail is known for its plentiful greenery and beautiful wildflowers.

Moutardier Campground Conclusion

All in all, Moutardier Campground provides clean, family-friendly fun in a conveniently located but scenically blessed landscape. It clearly offers the best camping near Kentucky for families. The availability of utility hookups and flush toilets and a bathhouse promise a comfort that will make you want to stay there forever.

Have you been to Moutardier Campground before? Let us know in the comments what you thought about it.

If you’re looking for another option for the best camping near Kentucky for families, check out Big Bone Lick State Historic Site.

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