JoyTutus: My Experience As A “Nano-Influencer”

JoyTutus Car Fan

I Am An Influencer

That is probably easily debatable. As of this blog post, the Go Together Go Far YouTube Channel has 237 awesome subscribers. They are small in quantity, but I appreciate everyone one of them. The Go Together Go Far Facebook Page only has 60 followers. On Instagram, there are currently 117 Go Together Go Far followers. Watch out Kim Kardashian West and your 176 million Instagram followers! I’m nipping at your heels.

Links on this page are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you choose to make a purchase using these links, I will earn a tiny commission that comes at no cost to you but helps me keep providing the content I love to share. I recommend these products because I have found them to be helpful and useful, not because of any commissions I make.

You can imagine my surprise when I received an email from a company named JoyTutus. They asked me to do a product review for their car fan. They have a single fan head version and a dual head version. I was shocked. How did they even know I existed? I needed to understand the process better.

JoyTutus Car Fan
With a Quarantine Cut like this, who wouldn’t want to follow me?

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How About A Nano-Influencer?

My internet research quickly turned up that many companies are turning towards “micro-influencers,” rather than the star-studded power of a Kim Kardashian West. Most companies can’t afford to use her and most people understand that she is just being paid to promote something. There isn’t anything wrong with it; it just isn’t a good strategy for all products. Enter the micro-influencer (or nano-influencer in my case.) Micro-influencers typically have between 1000 and 100k followers. I have way less than that.

Here is a great article on micro-influencers if you’re into that sort of thing.

Federal Trade Commission Rules

My research also turned up that there are laws about product reviews. Turns out, if something is a paid sponsorship, paid endorsement, or has some other “material connection,” the Federal Trade Commission required that I disclose that. The FTC states that influencers should, “clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands.” There is a couple of good link to the rules here, and here. This is why, in both videos I made, I disclosed that JoyTutus sent me the fans for free. That is the only relationship I have with them (as of the filming of the videos anyway).

The Reviews

So I was very excited and flattered to do some honest reviews for JoyTutus. If you haven’t seen the reviews yet, watch the single head car fan review here. Watch the dual head fan I use in my RV here.

I really enjoyed making these. Not only were they generally good products, I learned so much about the product review process. There was a lot that goes into it. JoyTutus requested that I point out a couple of important product features, but they never asked me to say anything specific or tried to dictate what kind of video to make. What you see, for better or worse, is my own creation, experience, and opinion. JoyTutus has been very good to work with and I hope there is an opportunity to work with them again. So if you’re in the market for a fan like this, you should check out JoyTutus at, or on Amazon.


So labeling Go Together Go Far as a social media influencer is still a stretch. Across our three major platforms, we don’t even have 1000 followers as of this date. Maybe someday we’ll get there. Or maybe not. In the meantime, we’ll continue to try to produce the best content we can for those that are interested. So if nano-influencer is the biggest I’ll ever be, I guess I can live with that.

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