Gift Ideas For RVers: 37 Perfect Gifts For Your RVer

Best Gift Ideas For RVers

Are you looking for gift ideas for RVers? We have found 37 of the coolest gift ideas for the RV owner in your life. Trust us, as “RVers” ourselves, these are the best gift ideas for the RV owner who has everything.

Here at Go Together Go Far, we think RVing should be fun and enjoyable. So get that little something that makes it even more so. If you’re looking for even more helpful content, check out our YouTube channel called Go Together Go Far.

We grouped these awesome gift ideas into four gift categories. Food & Drink RV Gifts, Gifts for the RV Traveler, RV Fun, and Great RV Equipment. These are perfect RV gift ideas for anyone. Don’t see what you want? Go check out our other RV Equipment articles for new RV Owners.

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Food and Drink gift ideas for RVers

Food & Drink RV Gifts

One of our favorite things, when we go camping, is food and drinks. It is easy to throw some hot dogs on a stick and cook them over a campfire, but anyone can do that. If you want to step up your RV “glamping” game, take a look at these great items. From simple camping wine glasses to an ice maker that will keep cocktails chilled, these are the perfect gifts for an RV glamper.

1. Happy Camper Wine Glasses

Celebrating one of America’s favorite pastimes and designed with an outdoorsy person in mind. This fun glass set features four unique camping-inspired images and a lovable quote: “Happy Camper.” Made in the USA!

2. Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors

Feast by Firelight offers solution-oriented recipes that make cooking outdoors feel effortless and downright fun, and it shows how to utilize clever cooking methods, prep food at home, and pack smart. The book includes recipes for camp cooking as well as detailed menus, shopping and equipment lists, and tips showing how to prepare before you leave. The book features 70 accessible recipes and is the first of its kind in the outdoor-cooking niche to pair useful information with evocative photography of finished dishes and helpful illustrations (such as how to pack a cooler and how to build a fire), setting a new standard for camping cookbooks.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Wine Glass

These wine glasses are the perfect gift idea for RVers who like wine. The silicone sleeves provide protection and grip while the pedestal base delivers stability while delivering a pop of color. The different colors help ensure you don’t get them mixed up with other campers. They are durable and won’t break on RV travel days. Made in the USA!

4. Camper Wine Stopper

This Camper themed wine stopper is a fun gift for your RVer. Practical, fun, and cute, it can be used at home or at the campground, guaranteed to get noticed by your camping friends.

5. Camp Cocktails: Easy, Fun, and Delicious Drinks for the Great Outdoors

Learn how to plan, pack, and whip up great drinks in the great outdoors. Cabin trips, hikes, patio parties, camping adventures—however you enjoy the great outdoors, it should be fun and easy. And so should the drinks! Simplicity, though, doesn’t mean you’re limited to a bottle and a mixer. With Camp Cocktails, you’ll have a variety of options for simple and tasty drinks that are ready to go wherever you go.

6. Retro RV Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

If you’re like us at Go Together Go Far, you like a good charcuterie board when you’re camping. If you’re going to do it, why not serve it on a cutting board shaped like a camper? We know it’s “glamping,” but it’s fantastic, and we love it.

7. Collapsible Folding Camping Beach Table with Insulated Cooler

This table is for camping or tailgating. It is an excellent gift for tailgating, camping, hiking, or a great for the 4th of July. It has an insulated cooler, 4 cup holders, and a food basket and works as a great picnic table.

8. The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub for Campers, Road Trippers, and Adventurers

This is a book for day-trippers, adventurers, campers, and anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors. You’ll find organizational advice and cooking techniques, from planning your meals, packing a cooler, and stocking a camp pantry to building a fire, grilling in foil packs, and maintaining heat in a dutch oven. The recipes are presented by meal: breakfast, lunch, snacks, sweets, and all-out feasts. You can choose your own adventure for each occasion, with recipes as easy as Mexican Street Corn Salad and Tin Foil Seafood Boil to more involved dishes like Korean Flank Steak with Sriracha-Pickled Cucumbers and Dutch Oven Deep-Dish Soppressata and Fennel Pizza. All recipes use a standard set of cookware to streamline your cooking in camp and are marked with icons to help you quickly find a suitable recipe for your cooking style.

9. Instant Pot Duo Mini

If you haven’t jumped on Instant Pot cooking yet, now is the time. It is extra useful for RVers. It is small and lightweight and can easily fit on your limited RV counter space.

10. Portable Ice Maker

This ice maker is a must-have gift idea for RVers—nobody like searching around for dirty ice at the bottom of a cooler. Your RV refrigerator can take hours to freeze some ice cubes. Most portable ice makers can make ice in minutes. We use ours on every single trip.

Travel Gift Ideas for RVers

Gifts For The RV Traveler

The appeal of RVing is the freedom it gives you to pick up and go whenever you see fit. Want to head to Florida? Go for it. Want to visit Yosemite? Why not. You get to see the country on your terms. Wondering where to go next, or trying to track where you’ve been? Check out these unique gift ideas for RVers that want to travel. Not only will they help you find your next great adventure, but these gifts will also help you get there safely.

11. Scratch Off Map Of The US

This brilliant concept map of the US allows visited destinations to be scratched off, revealing the beautifully styled, up-to-date USA poster map underneath. The perfect wall map poster gift for travel enthusiasts, the scratch-off map design allows complete personalization of the large map of the US to display a unique travel story. It is perfect for your RV traveler.

12. RV State Sticker Travel Map

Now that you’ve got your very own RV be sure to make it yours by placing some fun decor to show off where you and your RV go. Each state has a caricature of what makes that state unique, from the snow-capped mountains of Oregon to the cows that moo their greetings as your trailer makes its way through Wisconsin. Almost all RVers have one. Make sure you get this gift for your RVer.

13. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas Book

If you’re wondering where to go, when to go, what to see, and what to do, then this is the book for you. National Geographic details out 5000 ideas in our 50 states. It is a great fireside read to get you thinking about your next adventure.

14. 1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die

Covering the U.S.A. and Canada like never before, and for the first time with full-color photographs, here are 1,000 compelling, essential, offbeat, utterly unforgettable places. Pristine beaches and national parks, world-class museums and the Just for Laughs festival, mountain resorts, salmon-rich rivers, scenic byways, the Oyster Bar and the country’s best taco, lush gardens, and coastal treks at Point Reyes, rafting the Upper Gauley (if you dare). Plus resorts, vineyards, hot springs, classic ballparks, the Talladega Speedway, and more. It includes new attractions, like Miami’s Pérez Art Museum and Manhattan’s High Line, plus more than 150 places of special interest to families. And, for every entry, what you need to know about how and when to visit.

15. The Most Scenic Drives in America, Newly Revised and Updated: 120 Spectacular Road Trips

The all-in-one trip planner and travel guide-now totally revised and updated-will steer you down the most scenic road every time. From Florida’s Road to Flamingo to Hawaii’s Oahu Coastal Loop . . . from British Columbia’s Sea to Sky Highway to Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores . . . each featured road trip is pictured in stunning full color and described in vivid text, keyed to an easy-to-follow newly revised map. Whether you choose a drive in a far corner of the continent or a back road in your own state, this book is your ticket to North America’s most beautiful byways

16. RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard

Turn your phone into an RV Safe GPS; no more worrying about steep mountain passes, low clearances, bridge weight limits, or propane-restricted tunnels. Subscribers enjoy turn-by-turn navigation, including voice- and lane guidance, that even works offline. If you’re a true RV traveler, this may be the best gift you’ll ever receive. I know you were not expecting an app in the gift ideas for RVers, but in today’s age, it should be.

17. Auto Roadside Assistance Kit

Look, as an RVer, you’re going to have roadside issues. It has happened to most of us at some point. You can read about our most recent tire blowout here. When your roadside issue happens, make sure you’re prepared with the gear you need. This is an excellent piece pf mind gift for a new RV owner.

18. Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

As mentioned previously, roadside issues happen. If you are RVing long enough, it will happen to you. Giving the gift of RV tire and wheel protection allows you to focus on your destinations, not on the headaches that might come up while getting there. 

19. Wireless Weather Station

Make your RV travel days safer. The 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained, easy-to-install system. Designed to give the weather data you need for home use, educational purposes, boating, and more, the Vantage Vue includes a sleek but tough outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) and a comprehensive console. The user-friendly console features a backlit, 3 by 4.375-inch LCD screen, and a glow-in-the-dark keypad that allows you multiple views and functions, including weather forecasting, moon phase and sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms, and more. Vantage Vue’s innovative Weather Center button will display additional data on weather variables for today and over the last 25 days. Finally, with the optional WeatherLink data logger and software, you can gain access to additional weather analyses in a variety of versions.

20. Good Sam Travel Assist

Good Sam Travel Assist

Gift Ideas for RVers don’t always have to be travel guides and wine glasses. If you’re traveling and have a medical emergency, Good Sam Travel Assist can help. They can cover emergency transportation for you, your spouse, children, your RV, and even your pets. This service allows you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your adventure.

Fun Gift Ideas for RVers

RV Fun

Let’s face it; RVing is a community. It is fun to let people know about the lifestyle we enjoy. These fun RV gifts are perfect small gifts that an RVer will love, and they’ll love to share. Did you ever consider a drone for RVing and camping? These will bring a smile to your face for years.

21. RV Keychain

Black tanks are a fact of life when you RV. Why not have a little fun with it. This the perfect keychain for those sets of camper keys you keep misplacing.

22. Stay Class C T-Shirt

Gift Ideas for RVers always have a t-shirt or two. Not only is it a great tee that other RVers will find fun, but you can also add it to the collection of shirts you always wear when camping.

23. Welcome to Camp Quitcherbitchin

Hey dads, if you RV with kids, this sign is for you. Hot? Hungry? Tired? Well, welcome to Camp Quitcherbitchin, because we don’t want to hear it!

24. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie That’s an RV

Who doesn’t love that movie, and who hasn’t quoted that line after buying your RV? Maybe that was just me. Have a little fun with it during the holidays with this Cousin Eddie RV ornament.

25. Not All Those Who Wander are Lost Throw Pillow Case

This famous line has rung true for so many of us RVers. Sometimes getting lost is the point. Bonus points if you know what book this quote came from!

26. Radiate Portable Campfire

If you’re not a full-time RVer, a campfire isn’t an everyday thing. This is the perfect gift for someone who is dying to go camping but has to wait a little longer. It has 3-5 hours of burn time, and it is reusable.

27. Camping RV Sign

Who doesn’t love putting out their customized sign at the campground? It’s like a right of passage. These are handmade by a small shop in Mississippi and fully customizable. Give your RVer a gift that will last for years.

28. Goodnight, Campsite

RVing with kids? If your kids are anything like ours, they hate bedtime at the campground. This award-winning children’s book is the perfect gift to read to them around the campfire to get them to quiet down and relax before bed.

29. Happy Camper Car Coaster Set

This is one of my favorite gift ideas for RVers. If you’re looking to add some RV-themed decor to your RV or home, this is great. It is small, convenient, and won’t break the bank.

30. RV

RV is a fun little gift for your RV movie night. It is a classic Robin Williams movie that will leave you rolling.

Equipment gift ideas for RVers

Great RV Equipment

Here is the big RV equipment that the serious RVer wants. High tech and heavy-duty, this equipment is the type of gift that tells someone you care. If your RV owner is a bit of a gearhead and enjoys the mechanical part of RVing, these are the gift ideas that make them happy. These great gift ideas for RVers may not be cheap, but they can make your RV experience a load more enjoyable.

31. Portable 12V RV Refrigerator/Freezer Cooler

This portable refrigerator with high quality meets your freezing/refrigeration needs. Another fantastic gift idea for RVers. it is ideal for RVs, homes, cars, yachts, and outdoor use. 53-quart large capacity is enough for you to store a variety of foods, such as drinks, meat, fruit, and so on. This design can keep your food fresh and your drink cool at the same time. The easy-to-operate control panel allows you to choose the right temperature. The standard household outlet and 12/24V car charger are equipped to increase the utilization of the compressed refrigerator. This is the portable fridge you are looking for!

32. Furrion 7″ Vision S 4-Camera

Explore your world confidently when you know what’s going on around you as you drive, park, or spend the night in a camping spot. The rear and doorway cameras offer a 120-degree view, and side cameras give you 65-degree views. Multiple mounting options let you move the touch-screen display to your dash or RV living space for continuous security monitoring, and 2.4GHz wireless communication keeps the monitor connected to the cameras up to around 500 feet for secure, real-time footage you can rely on. 12% off of Vision S 7″ 4-Camera System with Marker Lights. Coupon Code: VISION74

33. Portable Solar Charger for Camping

Using the most efficient SUNPOWER solar panel cells available, it converts 21 Watts of solar energy into electricity with a 22%-25% conversion rate. You can use it to quickly charge Cellphones, Power Banks, Tablets, and most 5V USB loads. Use it when going camping, hiking, or when you find yourself in any place without sufficient power.

34. Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Grill

The Tahoe was built for big cooking jobs. Family reunions, tailgate parties, backyard barbecues, scout troop campouts you name it, this stove can handle it. Three 30,000 BTU burners and a large 608 sq. inch cooking area give you the power and space to cook multiple items at once, especially when you mix and match all of Camp Chef’s 16″ Cooking System accessories.

35. Roadmaster Active Suspension

The Roadmaster Active Suspension is an excellent gift for the travel trailer owner who wants to ride a little safer. The Roadmaster Active Suspension system improves handling when towing or carrying a load in your truck. They are easy to install and made in the USA.

36. MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray

The MORryde Cargo tray is the smart way to store your content. The Cargo Trays provide easy access to all of your previously hard-to-reach storage areas. All of our trays come fully assembled and are easily installed in just minutes—lots of sizes available.

37. Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

This is a perfect give for the RVer who wants to boondock. The Honda Power Equipment sets a new standard in portable power with the introduction of an all-new EU2200iTAG inverter generator with Co-Minder. The EU2200i delivers 10 percent more power than the previous EU2000i – enabling you to power more of what you need, in the same lightweight, compact package. Whether it’s an extra refrigerator at home, a larger saw on your construction site, or a larger TV at your tailgate party, the EU2200i gives you the power to get more done.


Picking the perfect RV gift can be a challenge. There are so many gift ideas for RVers out there. These are our favorite 37 gifts and the types of gifts we would want to get.

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